Monday, December 14, 2020

Slow Stitching

So about three weeks ago I started a new Dropcloth Sampler. With the others I've stitched, I've been able to complete each in about a month's time. I'm beginning to realize that ABC Max is going to take much longer.

It's several times larger than any of the others (15" x 18"), so it makes sense, but still. It's kind of daunting! 

Here are a couple of detail shots. I'm just stitching areas as they strike me, using perle cotton and pretty simple stitches. I think my favorite bit so far is the section below. 

So I'll continue on through the holidays and into the new year, hoping to finish before the Snowflake Sampler starts late January and the focus of my handwork shifts. Whatever, I'm enjoying this....


  1. I've been enjoying following along with your hand stitching. I'm curious what size/brand needle you're liking for this work. Winter is here, and a new stay at home activity may be required.

  2. Great stitching and pattern! Surface will be covered with embroidery.
    Nothing wrong with projects taking some time, I think slowing down is a good thing.

  3. Wow, how fun this looks to stitch! It will be so colorful and happy. Also a great accomplishment when you make that last stitch in the near future.

  4. this one is so bright and colorful!

  5. So much stitching! i can see why it would take longer. Your work is beautiful.

  6. I sure like the happy colors you've chosen for this project. Looks like a fun, though elaborate design. I think of you often in the evenings, wondering if you're sitting down to do handwork as I do too. :-)