Wednesday, January 6, 2021

2020 Fabric Usage

Well keeping track of fabric usage last year was definitely an interesting experiment. I hope you don't mind if I do it again in 2021....

I made just two purchases in December, the first being a length of the Kona Color of the Year, Horizon. 

The other was for the upcoming Snowflake Sampler, but I'll show you that once my threads arrive. 

I did very little Christmas sewing this year, aside from some gift bags and a few small gifts. So the bulk of my fabric usage went into making Luminaries and RAY.

So here's how I did number-wise last month:

December Fabric Usage
Used up: 13.86 yards
Brought in: 5 yards
Net: -8.86 yards

And here are the annual totals!

2020 Fabric Usage Totals
2020 used up: 199.47
2020 brought in: 73.2 yards
2020 Net: -126.27 yards

I'm a little surprised that I brought in as much as I did, as there was very little purchasing that wasn't for a specific project. But that just goes to show you what buying a little every month can add up to. BUT a net use of over 126 yards sounds pretty good, and I can see it just by looking at my stash. I'm off to a bad start in the new year, considering research is underway to determine fabrics that match the Pantone Colors of the Year, but it is what it is. I'm still going to try to sew from stash as much as possible in the year to come. Thankfully, I find it pretty motivating!


  1. For me trying to determine fabric usage would be an exercise I am not willing to undertake as I really dove into the scrap bins (yes I have multiples and they are big) in 2020. I did a lot of applique and a scrap quilt out of those bins. I really only bought fabric for specific projects for the most part and a few time just because I wanted something new.
    This coming year I will be working once again to work as much from stash as I can and to try to use more of those scrap bins...........I am already diving into the scrap bin for my first "new" project for 2021 a challenge that is due in mid Feb.

  2. that's pretty amazing. I had -17 and thought I did pretty well! it is very satisfying, isn't it?

  3. I applaud your commitment to fabric usage (and your recordkeeping)!

  4. I expect that if I were to track my 2020 I would be seriously in the negative with all the Kona cotton I purchased from my closing LQS back in March. Some years the stash goes up, some years it goes down! I look forward to seeing what you create and how it progresses for you this year given how much you were able to reduce your stash this year. :)

  5. I think you did great! Happy New year and happy stash sewing to you

  6. Wow! When you think 199.47 yards that seems like an enormous amount! My main yardage purchases were for backing and background. Those add up 199.47 really isn't that shocking! It's been fun seeing your tracking numbers, so keep it up for this year!