Monday, May 10, 2021

Summer Sampler 2021 :: The Fabric Pull

There really wasn't any question. I saw this year's Summer Sampler announced and jumped on board. Year four in a row (plus the first in 2011!), it's always a fun, relaxing sewalong, and I was definitely game. Hosted one again by KatieFaith, and Lee, the theme this year is "Vintage Restyle." Here's a mockup:

I really like to work from stash when possible, and considering I'll finalize sashing decisions down the line, here's the fabric pull I'll be starting off with. A mix of solids, prints, and substrates, it pretty much follows my formula for the last several samplers.

My swatchcard is ready too! I find this really helps with a long-term sewalong - both remembering what's what each week as well as insurance in case I need more of a certain fabric.

Sooo.... anyone else joining in? Should be fun!


  1. For some reason this is never a train I want to jump on, but I am already excited to join you from afar ;) Love your fabric pull, and yes, so very you with the combination of colors and fabric styles/materials. And love to see return of the swatchcard too. Hope you have lots of fun! xo

  2. I'm not a huge fan of sashing, but I do love the pluses they created for the mockup. I am going to live vicariously through you, once again. :)

  3. Your colors are attractive, good contrast for some exciting possibilities and the blocks in Summer Sampler have that 3D thing, this should be fun for you.

  4. love your fabrics! this will be fun to watch

  5. I love your fabric pull and how you organize it all! I won’t be playing along, but I’m really going to enjoy following you!