Monday, August 30, 2021


I was so excited to see Karen/CapitolaQuilter's August Bee Sewcial prompt: "Pickle-ish," or rather, improv interpretations of the Pickle Dish Block. Not too far off from my own Rings last year, I expected these blocks to be a breeze. NOT. 

And seriously, I don't know why I found them so challenging. But scale was definitely an issue. My original arcs - both times - could have turned into blocks nearly twice the size Karen was asking for - the standard 12.5". So there was definitely some tweaking in the final construction. And then those cornerstones look innocent enough. But they, too, were a little tricky.

But once fully pieced and trimmed up, I love them! I used triangles in the first block and spikes in the second, thought they turned out a little more similar than I anticipated. Whatever, I can't wait to see this quilt evolve.


  1. The cornerstones do look tricky, but the blocks lay nice and flat and look great.

  2. Wow, those blocks are a piecing challenge for sure, a bit frankensteinish!
    You managed to stay on top of them however.

  3. interesting! it'll be fun to see how this quilt evolves

  4. These look wonderful - a challenge conquered!

  5. I can imagine how challenging these blocks were to make! They look extremely difficult to me, especially given how narrow and pointy you've made the spikes. I agree that it will be interesting to see how this evolves. No doubt you'll have fun with it, and make it into something really remarkable.

  6. OMG, I love these. Can't wait to see your finished creation.