Monday, August 28, 2023


My Bee Sewcial mate Kari @quiltsforthemaking was inspired by all the ceramic tiles she saw while traveling in Spain and Portugal, so she challenged us to create tile blocks this month. Her suggested dominant colors were cream, terra cotta, navy, and cobalt blue with accent colors as we see fit. I decided to stick with the four colors for both of my blocks. We were also asked to make two or more blocks of different sizes, squares or rectangles.

My first go at a block is a mix of ruler-cut and freehand improv, and measures approximately 15" square. I really wanted at least one of my tile blocks to include some improv curves and love the secondary shapes mine turned out with. Those corner sections were trickier than they look to make the correct size, each being totally improv. I like the result though!

I went with pretty basic shapes for my second block, though I think it still packs a punch. This block measures about 12" square. I (Kari too!) especially love that portions that are a little wonky or don't 'match up.'

Kari's prompt kind of stymied me at first, but once I got started and saw that limited mix of colors together, I really enjoyed myself. I kind of hated to stop at just two.

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  1. Both blocks are great - I particularly like the one with the improv curves! Always fun to see what your group is up to!

  2. I think this is a really fun prompt and I love how your blocks came together. The corner pieces of the first block really pull the eye inward, so they were definitely worth the tricky piecing!

  3. You definitely have a good understanding of what makes a good tile design, super!

  4. I love how they really could be tiles but are not really because they are improv. Hope that makes sense ;)

  5. I especially like the first one; the diagonals make it so dynamic! Challenges bring ou the best, it seems.

  6. Wow, I love your blocks, very creative! Great color combo too, and the improv look is wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up!