Thursday, November 19, 2020

Stitch Club :: Wool Applique

Well November holds the final installment of the six-month Stitch Club hosted by Alison Glass. It's been good, and definitely delivered on my purpose in joining - to add more hand-stitching into my life. So the last focus was on wool applique. I'd done quite a bit of felt applique years ago, so this wasn't all that different.

After picking a project from the November Stitch Club Journal, I purchased a yellow Mill Dyed Wool Color Pack from Sue Spago, which consisted of six 1/32nd (9" x 7") cuts of wool in various shades of yellow to gold. For stitching, I used a variety of #8 Perle Cotton that I had on hand.

The project, as you can see, is a garland. I made mine with Christmas in mind, consisting of gold wool stars appliqued onto pennants cut from Kaleidoscope in Iris. I used the simple whipstitch to attach my stars, periodically adding a smaller star in the center of the first.

A bonus to the stitching was creating tassels from embroidery floss - something I don't think I'd ever done before! There are all sorts of tutorials on YouTube, from simple to fancy. This tutorial has several variations as well (I used #2). I kept mine pretty basic, but did use four different colors of floss for each one, then placing them randomly on my garland. The embroidery floss was purchased from Amazon, an "Old Gold" gradient.

The completed garland measures a tad more than five-feet long, and for now, I've hung it across the screen standing behind our bed. 

Thus Stitch Club comes to an end for me. Here are links to all my projects in case you missed one.

June - Kantha [pillow]
July - Sashiko [modern Japanese rice bag, table mat]
August - Couching [pincushion, flex case, zipper pouch]
September - Outline & Filled Stitches [cloth napkins]
October - Embellishing Printed Fabric [pincushion]
November - Wool Applique [garland]

So I obviously did a good amount of hand-stitching these last several months, just as I'd hoped. And I think I surprised myself how varied the projects could be. 


  1. What a fun final project. Are you planning to continue finding hand work projects?

  2. I love working with wool felt! your garland is adorable and the tassels are a perfect touch

  3. I have never worked with wool, but you sure make it look nice! Love that banner over the headboard. It looks great!