Monday, August 17, 2020

Stitch Club :: Couching

So the Stitch Club adventures continue, with August focusing on couching. I already had some experience with this basic embroidery stitch, but there are variations to enhance it, and one thing I hadn't done was to do it using different weight yarns. Luckily Alison Glass had some yarn sets available in her shop, so that made it nice and easy to try some out.

My first project used Mariner Cloth as a stitching base-cloth, and that worked extremely well. With my stitched piece, I made a big ole 5" pincushion. I considered a variety of styles, but decided the most basic would be best, considering all the fancy stitches. I kinda love it.

Then I had another - much larger - project in mind. But after couching on a pretty good-sized piece of Kaleidoscope in Iris, I realized I'd rather make more smaller projects instead. SO I cut it up and first made another flex case using the pattern in Aneela Hoey's Stitch & Sew.

Lastly, I finished up with a Streamliner Pouch, a new-to-me pattern by Elnora Chambers/@elnorac. Gotta say, I love this simple little pouch with its rounded corners, and it went together in no time. I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future.

So that was really enjoyable, and I'm glad I got to try couching in a variety of new ways. Stitching over yarn probably won't be something I do alot of, but it's good to have done it. Trying various stitching techniques is what Stitch Club is all about, and gotta say, I'm loving it.

If you missed my previous Stitch Club projects, you'll find them here and here. A quick glance at my projects can be found here.


  1. The pin cushion is so fun, and the rounded edges of the streamliner pouch is very attractive.

  2. I love watching your hand stitching adventures! these projects are so lovely

  3. I love seeing the variety of handwork you've been trying. Those couching stitches look good! Isn't it surprising how many versions are possible, especially with different fiber weights? I'm still in love with your spring clip pouches, and that zipper pouch by Elnora looks nice. When I clicked the link I was surprised at how many designs she offers! All for free? Thanks for sharing. You lead me "down the garden path" way too often!