Thursday, May 13, 2021


You know those times when you don't quite know what to sew next? Yeah. I experienced that over last weekend. I had a little time to sew, and felt like sewing, but was wavering where to go next. So I grabbed the bin of scraps from my most recent projects, and just started in.

My initial thought was piecing some stack sets, ala Nicholas Ball's Inspiring Improv, but I wasn't very far into that when I realized they weren't the right scraps for that size-wise. So I just kept piecing stack-like blocks until the green and gold options ran out. But it didn't feel done, so I added in more colors - the navy and gray - and made some spikey triangle 'borders.' And on it went until truly, the pile of scraps was gone. I even tried a little fine-line piecing at the bottom, and used the last two little blocks over on the left.

I can't say this is the best or favorite piece I've ever created, but it definitely served a purpose. I felt compelled to MAKE, and I'm glad I followed through, whatever the result. Engaging in the process was what felt necessary and important.

Quilting was its own kind of fun, and if anything, I think it made the piece better. I quilted a very dense uneven grid using four different green threads plus a magenta. I find this kind of quilting immensely satisfying, and it made this random project feel kinda special.

I especially love the three 'pluses' scattered throughout this little quilt. They are definitely improvisational and not clearly defined. IE. You might miss them due to their irregularity.

Bound in a skinny (cut 1.75") dark navy, the quilt finished at 18.5" x 23.5" and ended up being just what I needed. This was fabric-play at its best.