Wednesday, November 13, 2019


As with all Bee Sewcial prompts, once I read through Leanne/@shecanquilt's post, I sat for a bit mulling things over. The prompt was "energy," any form at all. Leanne had even shared a pin board she'd started with inspiration for her own "energy" quilt. So there was lots to think about.

The goal was a block (or blocks) equivalent to a 12" x 24" block. For colors, we were free to use them all, or just a few, with the stipulations that we 1) draw at least a bit of our color to the edge of our block(s); and 2) if we wanted to incorporate negative space or a background, to keep that dark but not black.

In the end, the symbol of energy that I took inspiration from was solar panels. In fact, I googled images of them and their gridded nature felt familiar and welcome. My finished block measures 15 1/2" x 24", so if Leanne wishes to trim it to expose some of those smaller shapes to the block's edge, there's plenty of room for that. It's not always the case, but playing with this prompt and these shapes ended a little too soon.