Monday, August 2, 2021

Sew Together Bag SAL

So have you made a Sew Together Bag? I haven't, and honestly, I never expected to. It just looked a little too complex, and I wasn't sure what I'd use it for. A pattern by Michelle/Sew Demented, it's definitely a popular zipper pouch, with four(!) zippers, and plenty of room to personalize your fabric choices.

When Julia/Red Rainboots Handmade announced she'd be hosting a Sew Together Bag sew along, I paused just a second before texting my friend Sharon/@redapplestitches, as I knew she'd been wanting to make this bag for ages. She was interested in joining in, so I figured I might as well join her. Now or never, right? So I signed up, and after much mulling, came up with a plan!

For my bag, I'm taking a cue or few from Kristy/@rockbabyscissors, who has made several of these bags, but this one is the one that called to me. Not that mine will be a clone by any means, but I love the flying geese on her bag, and I'm planning on using Lee Heinrich's Perfect Geese template to make my own bag front. And as much as I love the multiple-colored zips and linings some folks have used, I think I'm going to simplify the look just a bit. So the exterior will be gray Essex linen, the Xs and Carolyn Friedlander prints will be the side panels and lining, and the golds will be the pocket linings, with coordinating zips. To be decided is the binding, but still, I think it'll work!