Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Sewing up something small really is a breath of fresh air when you're surrounded by larger projects, and it's been a joy to make a few quick little makes over the last couple of weeks.

Another pop open pouch was fun - the third one I've made so far, including the one I made for myself and enjoy using as a makeup bag. The details on this little bag really shine, and I have no doubt I'll make even more.

I had high hopes for making more heart projects before Valentine's Day, but alas, I just managed one. It was a striped heart, The You & Me quilt block by Ellis & Higgs, which I started when my grandgirl was over. I had her choose all the fabric, which in itself was fun, and I was proud of her thoughtful choices. A few days layer, she was excited to see that I'd finished it, but that might have been where her excitement ended, but whatever, I had fun making it.

Finally, another Wee Braw Bag, pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses, this time for our teenage goddaughter. It was fun choosing fabrics for her, and I settled on a long-stashed piece of Far Far Away III by Heather Ross paired with some Alison Glass' Kaleidoscope in Pomegranate. I wasn't totally sure if the contrast was too much, but she seemed to like it, and I know my Instagram friends sure did.

I'm mulling over what's next. Considering I just finished a long-term project AND quilting a big quilt, I think I deserve a little diversion.