Thursday, September 28, 2023

Calendar Update II

So how many calendar project updates is too many? Hopefully weekly feels reasonable, as they're helping keep me motivated. In spite of a minor cold dragging me down this week, I have made good progress since last week's update. The five initial slabs for the first panel are still up on the design wall, basically untouched.

Rather than take them down, I've just been pinning the newest slabs on top... and slightly lower, so I can reach them better.

Heading into panel two of the triptych, I decided to work through each fabric color, so one of those red strips will actually fit into the third panel. The black and yellow are the only of their color. And there is more white and green slabs yet to do. 

Just for the record, the white slab in front is the largest so far, currently at 21" x 68". I'm waiting on more white fabric to finish two additional skinny strips, so I think I'll move on to the next green slab. There are three of those yet to make, and the widest will be at least 44", the largest slab of them all! Wish me luck as I face the 'long green season' of piecing. After that, the end of the slab-piecing will be in sight.