Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Juried In.... and not

I was walking down to the kitchen yesterday morning, slipper-clad and sleepy-eyed, headed straightaway to our Nespresso, phone in hand to glance at the notifications that had come in overnight, when I actually chuckled out loud! I was suddenly very awake when I read that Loosely Connected had been juried into QuiltCon 2019. Yay! What had made me chuckle though was that this quilt, entered appropriately into the Small Quilt category, was the smallest quilt I made all year! At 11" square, I still think it packs a punch, and though amused, I am excited to have it accepted.

AND my Bee Sewcial quilt Baconrific was accepted too! And that one also has a couple of interesting tidbits about it. One is I entered it into QuiltCon once before, and it wasn't chosen; and two, it's entered for display only, as one of my bee-mates, Anne/@playcrafts, is one of the judges! Obviously I'm glad I went ahead and entered it anyway.

So I also had three #quiltconrejects.... ash+fog, which was made for the two-color challenge....

Improv Alliance, which is still one of my very favorites....

and Looking Up, another Bee Sewcial quilt.

In addition, our guild's charity quilt will be there, and I know of two other Bee Sewcial quilts (see here and here) that were accepted, so I'm looking forward to seeing several quilts I had at least a small part in. Of course that definitely adds to the fun of anticipating QuiltCon in Nashville.