Monday, May 3, 2021

April Fabric Usage

My fabric usage continues to creep (and I do mean creep) in the right direction, but finally spending my birthday gift card slowed things down. But I mostly chose solids to keep building up that part of my stash, plus just a few small pieces of Carolyn Friedlander's Kept because why not?

There was also a piece each of waxed canvas and Big Sur canvas, but they were immediately used to make my Hillside Tote and coordinating Minimalistic Wallet. Otherwise, my largest single uses were the backing for the scrappy Variations quilt and impromptu Running Stitch Napkins. So, overall, the picture is still not good, but April was my highest use month so far, and I'm hoping May sees things looking even better!

April Fabric Usage
Used up: 11.22 yards
Brought in: 9.75 yards
Net: -1.47 yards
Year to date: -2.01 yards