Tuesday, August 13, 2019


The occasional mini quilt is the perfect remedy for a variety of woes, and for me this last weekend, I knew it would be a brief respite from the larger projects and a welcome change of pace. So of course, I took the opportunity to whip up a little something for Curated Quilts' Black & White Mini Quilt Challenge. I actually took a stack of possible fabrics to the guild sew-in thinking I'd play around with a few ideas, and then decide which to finish. Well that didn't happen. I got going on one - totally inspired by a previous bee block - and just got caught up with it.

I didn't really intend to mix prints and solids, but it added a fun dimension. And part of the challenge was to display a sense of motion, either with the piecing or quilting, and in my mind, I managed both. The general construction of the piece spirals around that smallest triangle, and I echoed that by also quilting an irregular spiral with Auriful 40wt in white.

The back was pieced simply, combining a stash find with some remnants from the quilt top, and that was especially quick and satisfying at this small size, 15 1/2" square.

So that was fun! It's been a while since I've done this kind of impromptu sewing, and as always, it was a very good thing.