Friday, July 19, 2019

Just Walking Along

Jacquie Gering's Walk book has been a resource for me for a couple of years now, and I see her Walk 2.0 is coming 'soon.' Since I'm primarily a walking-foot quilter, I've thoroughly enjoyed finding new designs to try on some of my projects. AND I thought it might be fun to round-up which ones I've tried. So I'll just show a quick glimpse of each, with a link to the full project posts.

Diagonal Grid with Gentle Curves

Echoing In


Diamond Spiral

Fancy Straight Line

Diagonal Orange Peel

Radiating Diamond

Crosshatch Mashup

Sectioned Curves

Tower of Triangles

So I'm well-versed enough on regular straight-line, matchstick quilting, organic straight-line, and a basic grid. But do you have any other go-to walking-foot designs you love? We'd love to here about them in the comments!