Friday, December 9, 2022

Hand-Stitching WIPs

I don't think I have ever, ever, had so many handwork projects underway at the same time! Handwork is what I do in the evenings while watching TV with hubby, so it's not like it's taking away from my quilting time. But still. It's gotten to be A LOT. From the oldest to the newest (I think)....

Bow Tie quilt - Totally hand-pieced top that now, of course, needs to be hand-quilted. It'll happen. Next up is finding a backing or piecing one from stash, then basting. The project started with Jenn McMillan's 100 Day Summer Sewalong in 2021, and I certainly hope to have it finished early in 2023.

Stitch Along with Jen embroidery - Begun back in October, I've made really good progress - better than shown here - but it got set aside when the next bright thing caught my eye.

24 Days of Sashiko - Also begun in October, I kept up pretty well, and had a finished top completed in mid-November. This one also needs a backing - and batting?? - before I hem it with some simple stitching.

Dropcloth Snowflake ornaments - Right after Thanksgiving, I put a hold on all the other handwork to squeeze in these ornaments before Christmas! I've made really good progress on three of the four, but still have a ways to go.

Hand-Stitched Oven Mitt - Oops! Last week, I saw a Zoom class was going to be offered with Aaron Sanders Head @aaronsandershead, and when I saw the class sample, I signed right up. What a wonderful and relaxing morning yesterday starting in on this project. I think the Snowflakes and the mitt will both be vying for my time in the days ahead.

So I probably shouldn't admit that I have two more handwork projects planned for the coming weeks, but honest, I'll just keep stitching, and I bet I have one of these finished soon. All bets are off, though, which one it might be!