Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Crosscut Connections

What a surprise to wake up yesterday, tagged by my long-time friend Andrea/
Quiltmanufaktur, and seeing her gorgeous Crosscut quilt. You may just recognize the improvisational 'pattern' from a quiltalong I hosted a couple of years ago. Oodles of them have been made, even after the quiltalong, and I'm tagged on another nearly every week. But I'm not sure many have seen the notoriety that this one has. 

Andrea was asked by Bernina to create a quilt with very particular specifications. She says, "The sought-after quilt should look masculine and modern, the main color should be blue - the other colors are brownish and yellow. Could I have such a quilt ?! No, I did not have and spontaneously I did not think of any of my many quilt friends who had such a quilt in their repertoire. So I decided to make a quilt with these specifications!" 

It was by mutual agreement that Andrea created a Crosscut quilt top based on my tutorial, all to give a shout-out for the Bernette Brand Campaign. Bernette, by the way, is a brand of the BERNINA Textile Group designed for those who are looking for a high-quality machine with many features yet reasonably priced. 

There was a very interesting twist about the finishing of this particular Crosscut quilt, and Andrea tells all about it in her post. 

Fun, right? If you're new to the Crosscut technique, there are several Instagram hashtags to peruse - #crosscutblocks#crosscutquiltalong, and #crosscutquilt - and you'll see what a fun technique it is, resulting in a unique quilt design each and every time.

All photos used by permission of Andrea Kollath.