Monday, August 15, 2022

Seattle MQG BOM Summer Blocks

Back in May, I finally got started - and caught up - on our guild's block-of-the-month, The Year of Doubles. For no good reason, I set it aside then, feeling pretty good about it all, then failed to touch it again until last weekend. We just had had our August guild  meeting, and so I was reminded, and we also received a new block assignment. Happily, now I can say I'm all caught up again!

June - Ohio Star

July - Arkansas Traveler

August - Dutchman's Puzzle

I'm making my own rules, so though the intent for the BOM was to make a two-sided quilt, one side with traditional blocks, the other with improv blocks, I'm only focusing on the improv. Even so, I kinda feel like these blocks are quasi-improv, as though they are all definitely improvisational, they are all still very recognizable. It's fun fabric-play just the same, and I'm using plenty of scraps, so it's all fine by me. The palette is so unique, but it continues to entice me.