Friday, October 23, 2020

Summer Is So Over

The last remnant of summer for me was the Summer Sampler quilt project I'd worked on for literally months. Begun back in May with the fabric pull, week by week I sewed a new block. After some fun with the unique (to me) sashing, I finally had a quilt top in September. And now, thankfully, in the midst of Autumn, I have a finished Summer Sampler 2020 quilt. It feels good.

I pieced the quilt back taking inspiration from the Summer Sampler "Trellis" block designed by Malka Dubrawsky/@stitchindye. Can you see it on the front there? Most of the fabrics, but not all, were repeats from the quilt front, but all the prints at least were by Carolyn Friedlander. You know, staying with the theme.

Quilting was done in an angled 2" grid using Aurifil 50wt #2021 [Natural White]. Not my norm, but this time all lines were marked with my trusty hera marker, and then I stitched just off of the markings. The result is a simple diamond design that 'fits' with many of the quilt blocks. It's not as dense as I sometimes go, but then again, a 1" grid seemed more than it (or I) needed. 

For binding, the only fabric I had enough of from my Summer Sampler stash was the Essex Yarn Dye Homespun in Silver, and I think it works OK! For sure it has a great texture, and though I thought it might be a little thick for the binding, it actually felt and sewed great. Honestly, it got used very little in the quilt front, so I was happy to let it shine in the binding.

The finish measures 60" square, considerably smaller than the Summer Samplers made in the last two years, though in looking back, not quite as small as the original (2011!). Whatever, as I expected, I love the finish with that sashing! I like gave up sashing so many years ago, and though I confess I didn't necessary enjoy the process, I definitely am pleased with what it added to my quilt block layout. So yes, all is definitely good.