Thursday, August 20, 2020

Summer Sampler 2020 :: Orbit

You may have noticed that I don't make that many block-based quilts these days. The fact is, I kind of get bored with them. But that's one of the things I enjoy about the Summer Sampler - all the variety.... a new block, a new designer, every week.

This week, it's "Orbit," designed by Erica/Kitchen Table Quilting. I think fabric placement really makes this one, both the fussy-cut center and the 'circular' shape the blocks create. Plus I got to use the Essex Yarn Dyed in Seafoam for the first time, and I love how it anchors the block in the corners.

Hard to believe, just four weeks to go!

Week 1: Trellis     Week 2: Infinite Pinwheel
Week 3: Lakeside     Week 4: Tide Pool
Week 5: Brae     Week 6: Convergence
Week 7: Diverge   Week 8: Direction
Week 9: Midsummer     Week 10: Zephyr
Week 11: Swamp Rabbit


  1. I think this block repeated would make a really lovely secondary design with plus signs forming in the background. It's quite hard to believe there are only 4 weeks to go!

  2. lots of points in that one! beautifully done as always

  3. I'm definitely not a block based maker. Personally, I think such BOMs are difficult to arrange in a way that's modern-looking. But I sure agree with you that this block is special. Love the colors and yarn-died fabric you chose as they make it look almost 3-D.

  4. Great piecing and yes it has a strong 3-D look!