Monday, August 31, 2020

Summer Lines

Soooo.... after The Original Dropcloth Sampler, and The Red Striped One, I moved right on to Summer Lines. In addition to using #8 perle cotton, I also used a bit of embroidery floss, though I think I'll stick to the perle cotton on the next one.

That aside, I really enjoyed having this sampler at the ready in between quilt bindings and my Stitch Club projects. Measuring 7 1/2" x 9", and with its future use not really of importance right now, I finished it simply with a running stitch and called it done.

And... I'm already working on the next sampler!


  1. Wow! Your embroidery is beautiful, loaded with fun color and texture.

  2. you sure are zipping through those samplers! this one is really pretty. I like to stitch with perle cotton too

  3. Your embroidery is lovely with that pearl cotton! I checked into those dropcloths, and sure admire you for choosing to embroider them. It's what-to-do-with-them afterward that has me stumped. I've started stitching a design for a zipper bag, and the pattern calls for two strands of floss. Thinking to switch to pearl cotton as the heavier thread may be more impressive, as it is on yours.