Tuesday, December 1, 2020

November Fabric Usage

Twice in November I was guilty of adding to my stash. The first time seemed completely justified, as it was a small bundle of accent fabrics for my annual Christmas bag-making. They are already being put to good use as production of lined drawstring bags has begun in earnest.

I also grabbed several options for my upcoming RAY quilt. Though I had a great start towards what I needed already in my stash, I felt it lacked just a few different fabrics, including a couple of additional substrates, so that'll all get used pronto. 

At any rate, I'm still making good progress I think.

November Fabric Usage
Used up: 14.03 yards
Brought in: 7.75 yards
Net: -6.28 yards
Year to date: -117.41 yards


  1. I'd say you're making terrific progress indeed!

  2. Good job. I'm not so focused on reducing, except to use-up my PRINT stash. I've definitely added solids in the past two months, due to a long-term sale on Painter's Palette solids! It's been a great time to stock up.