Friday, November 27, 2020

The RAY Quilt Plan

I was mulling over what could be my next quilt project and up popped the announcement of Carolyn Friedlander's RAY quilt along. Perfect! It is fat-quarter friendly, so I can dig into my CF stash, it's simply pieced, and after finishing my Siddi quilt, I've been thinking I might like to hand-quilt again, and this project could be it.

photo by Carolyn Friedlander; used by permission

Inspired by the classic log cabin, Carolyn offers three variations of the RAY quilt, all of which I love, though some lend themselves better to fat-quarters vs. yardage - definitely some options. Carolyn's #1 version - the version I think I've settled on - is pictured above. For mine, I pulled a mix of 13 Carolyn Friedlander prints from a variety of collections [Architextures, Carkai, Friedlander, Instead, Harriot, & Collection CF]. Joining them will be one coordinating solid [Kona Blueprint] and a couple of Kaufman Essex cotton-linen blends [Essex Yarn Dyed in Cadet & Yarn Dyed Homespun in Indigo], Manchester Yarn Dyed in Royal, also by Robert Kaufman and finally, a woven from Diamond TextilesCrossed in Night.

So I was thinking I may sew ahead just a bit so I can get to hand-quilting, as that will take the most time. But then just as I was getting ready to post this morning, I realized Carolyn had shared a YouTube video on making a plan as well as a RAY quilt inspiration board, so I'll be looking at those before making any firm decisions. But things are percolating, so we'll see where that takes me.


  1. Gorgeous palette, but starting with Carolyn's prints can never lead too far astray. :)

  2. Beautiful stack of fabrics! I do love Carolyn's prints.

  3. Fun for you to find this along that seems perfect for your fabric stash (I've used-up all the CF fabrics in my stash), color preferences, and desire to hand quilt. Good for you to take that on! Hand quilting is more relaxing and fulfilling than it once was, for me. I'm anticipating making another Kawandi, but this time, larger.