Friday, November 13, 2020

Baby Geese

A new little baby quilt was just delivered to its recipient, a sweet newborn baby girl. When contemplating what to make for her, I wanted something minimal, soft and light. I found inspiration on wayfair, a home goods site. The simple focus was some large flying geese blocks, and Lee Heinrich's Perfect Geese Templates were perfect, considering the large scale (4" x 8") of the geese. For fabrics, I chose Cotton Couture in Apricot, Cream, Gold, Meadow, plus a couple of Konas in Leather and an unidentified gray.

As you can imagine, assembly was pretty quick, which made it lots of fun. I kept the backing super simple and innocent, completely in more of the CC Cream. And for quilting, a diagonal grid using Aurifil 50wt #2021 [Natural White].

Baby-sized at 37" x 43", I finished it off with matched binding, a simple yet impactful detail.

Though I don't necessarily wash every quilt at its finish, I did this time since it was a baby quilt to be gifted. I could tell immediately after I pulled it from the dryer that it had shrunk. This was my first time washing both Cotton Couture solids and Quilter's Dream Select batting in a finished quilt, so who knows which contributed most, but once washed, the quilt measured 34.5" x 40.5"! Now maybe I'd find that with my other quilts too, but just haven't paid attention. But interesting, and of course, good to know.

So this was the last quilt project on my current list, which means I don't necessarily know what's next! I'm thinking maybe there are some scraps that need played with.... Time will tell!


  1. What a beautiful baby quilt; the color palette is really lovely. I find that I get between 5-9% shrinkage on my quilts in the first wash. I think they do stretch back out a bit through use, but if I'm aiming for a certain bed size I try to factor the shrinkage into my size calculations.

  2. this is such a beautiful baby quilt. that's a ton of shrinkage!

  3. Very sweet. Love the simplicity and the added texture from the grid quilting!

  4. Great quilt- how do you get the quilting lines so straight and evenly spaced?

    1. Sorry, your comment notification did not include your email, so hope you look back here. I use a ruler and my hera marker to mark every 2-3", then eyeball it for the stitching in between.

  5. Love everything about this quilt - simple, yet elegant. Baby will love it, I'm sure.

  6. I love the simple and clean design as well as the colour palette you chose for this. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of your scrap playing. :-)

  7. Lucky baby! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with those scraps. :o))

  8. That's a darling baby quilt! So nice and simple. Interestingly, a friend just tried out those Perfect Geese Templates, and loved them. Though you didn't say what type of batting you used (cotton or poly), I suspect quilt shrinkage was caused by the fabric. I prewash ALL my fabrics and don't have quilt shrinkage using either Quilter's Dream cotton or poly. Nonetheless, your quilt turned out fantastic, and even better... it has a home!