Friday, October 2, 2015

Double Meanings

One of the things I love about a quilt finish is taking it out for a photoshoot. There's nothing quite like a handmade quilt out in the wild. I've posted before about the unexpected, even incongruous setting in which I've photographed my quilts, and I do enjoy that. But better yet is when the quilt and the setting just 'fit,' creating a sort of double entendre. Last week on Instagram, I saw two really special 'double meaning' quilt photoshoots, and I asked for permission to share.

Diane/Random or "di" posted Got Scrap?, showing off The Kitchen Sink Quilt, an awesome mix of scraps and orphan blocks, all bound up in binding scraps. And guys! Then Diane took her scrappy wonder to a SCRAP YARD for its photoshoot. Ok, why didn't we all think of that?!

I swear it was the same day that Jill/Pie Lady Quilts shared The Long Road, itself pieced in a creative, somewhat inorganic fashion. It only seemed appropriate for Jill to search out an industrial setting for her photoshoot, and in doing so, has the most delightful story to tell - one of a construction worker with a heart for quilts and a surprising connection to a quilting icon.

photo by Linda Lee

Both of these quilts, with their unique photoshoots and stories, left me with a happy heart and a smile, and I hope you click through to hear from the makers themselves. Personally, they led me to scroll through a bunch of my own quilt photoshoots. And though there's plenty I like, I think there's only one that fits in the 'double meaning' category. And that would be my City Sampler that I took to a city vista so I could get the downtown skyline in the photo. Still one of my favorite photos, and one of my most liked on Ig. Crazy.

I've created a Photoshoots Pinterest board for some of my very favorites - both mine and from others. I'd love to see your favorites - and if you have a double entendre, well all the better!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

2015 Finish-A-Long: Q3 Finishes

We're 3/4 of the way through 2015?? Now that's hard to believe! Considering I have sewn very little this month, it was reassuring to see I actually finished 4/4 of my FAL Q3 goals - whew!

1. Inside Addition - When I started this quilt in January, I had plans for a big ole scrappy quilt, you  know, the kind that uses up oodles of scraps. But despite the fact that I love the Inside Addition block, I got bored with my scraps. So the plan changed and I settled for a 48" finish I named All-Inclusive. Quilted with a vertical straight-line and bound in binding scraps, now that it's done, washed and crinkly, it makes me happy.

2. Rolling Diamonds - Most of these blocks were made for me by the Mid-Century Modern Bee back in April 2014, and had obviously languished in the closet for a while. When I got down to finally piecing the top, I needed a few more blocks, so my friend Sharon/redapplestitches kindly made me one, and I made a couple more. I used Stitched in Color's machine-stitched binding tutorial, which incorporates a zig-zag stitch, and that was really fun (and fast!)  I named this one Vivid, and it really is.

3. Raspberry Kisses - "Peachy" was made with the help of FAITH Circle and the palette was so enjoyable to work with. The turning point with this quilt was when I decided to set the blocks on point, which totally changed its look for the better.

4. Quarter-Cut - My final finish for the quarter is On the ClockI used my own tutorial, and the weird factor was that I timed myself. The first time I made it, it seemed so fast, and yup, I went from fabric stack to last hand-binding stitch in just 7 hours. It's definitely baby-sized (40") but its fat-quarter-friendliness and rounded corners make it a quick, sweet make.

So that's that. Time to mull over what's next.

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