Monday, March 30, 2015

Considerable Blog Touring

Little did I realize when I recently said 'yes' to two different blog tours that they'd start on the very same day - TODAY! So things have been a tad hectic getting ready for them, but I'm excited about both, and it's kind of nice that 1 is for a new book, and the other a new line of fabric!
First up is Heidi/Fabric Mutt's Busy Girl Sews! Heidi asked me ages ago if she could interview me for her book, so it's a real pleasure to be able to participate in the blog tour as well. 
So meet Sew Organized for the Busy Girl: Tips to Make the Most of Your Time & Space. It's a fun book, with loads of lovely, useful projects.  I love the sidebars in the book, where Heidi shares ideas to make project time more productive, plus there's 'Busy Girl Speaks' snippets from various sewing bloggers, speaking on blogging, organizational tips, and more. I have no doubt you'd find Heidi's book a pleasure to sew from.
I'm currently working on quilting my project, using some lovely Artisan Cottons courtesy of Windham Fabrics. Here's a sneak peek and a list of the blog stops each Monday till July!
April 6 - Jodi of Tales of Cloth & Angela of Cut to Pieces
April 13 - Lindsay of Craft Buds & Debbie of A Quilter's Table
April 20 - Leanne of She Can Quilt
April 27 - Fat Quarter Shop
May 4 - Erin of Why Not Sew?
May 11 - Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts
May 18 - Svetlana of SOTAK Handmade
May 25 - Lucy of Charm About You
June 1 - Maureen of Maureen Cracknell Handmade
June 8 - Becca of Bryan House Quilts
June 15 - Beth of Plum & June
June 22 - Jessica of Quilty Habit
June 29 - Caroline of Sew Can She
July 6 - Heidi of Fabric Mutt (Tour Wrap!)
Next up is the Etno Blog Tour, using Pat Bravo's beautiful new fabric line, ETNO for Art Gallery Fabrics.
I was sent the "Dainty Folk" collection - lovely aquas and corals with white and black - a really delightful mix of colors and prints. Here's a sneak peek of my project, and again, a list of blog tour stops for Etno!
March 30th → Allison Dutton │Allison Sews

March 31st → Brandi Blowers │BNB Studios

April 01st → Miki Simic│Mint Needle
 April 02nd → Rochelle New│Lucky Lucille

April 03rd
→ Teri Dodds│Fa Sew LA
April 04th → Lisa Nielsen│The Quilt Jam
April 05th → Hilary Smith│Young Texan Mama

April 06th → Sharon McConnell│Color Girl Quilts

April 07th → Marija Vujcic│Marija's Fabric Creation
April 08th → Nancy Purvis│Owens Olivia

April 09th → Becky McCoy│Sewin 4 Him

April 10th
→ Erin Stewart│Poppy Quin

April 11th → Kathryn Upitis│Upitis Quilt

April 12th → Lori Hartman│Lori Hartman Designs

April 13th
→ Abbey Garcia│Sew Charleston

April 14th → Aida Valverde│Aika Maku

April 15th → Debbie Jeske│A Quilter's Table

April 16th → Lara Bowditch│Scrap Quilt Preach

April 17th → Isabel Kelly│Lamb and Wolfie

April 18th
→ Kylie Kelsheimer│Faith Love Fabric

April 21stBlog Tour Final Recap

So I sure hope you join in the tours - you're bound to see some beautiful projects and find inspiration for sure!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Studio Four :: Storing Quilts

By now, there's a theme here . . . baby steps in improving the look and usability of my studio space. Over the last few months, I have:
  1. sewn a fresh, new ironing board cover
  2. created a design wall, and
  3. organized my mailing supplies
Like all of the above, today's project had been on my mind for a while, and in reality didn't take long at all, but made a huge difference, at least to me.
So up until now, if I'd finished a quilt that hadn't been gifted or otherwise sent on to a new home, either it got hung or put to use somewhere in the house. Believe me, there are quilts on every bed, a quilt ladder in the living room, stacks of quilts on shelves as display, and quilts hanging in several rooms in the house. The quilts up on the shelf are mostly my show quilts that have returned home,  plus a couple I just hadn't decided what to do with, all thrown haphazardly up on the closet shelf. I know. Not good. 
So today, I took them all down, and got to work. Basically I found another home for the shelved items that were not sewing-related, which vacated a nice long spot on that shelf where said quilts could be rolled and stored more appropriately.
See how simple that was? SO much better!

Now to straighten up that stash . . .