Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday at the Table

Bad news: son and daughter-in-law live far enough away that we get down to see them just once or twice a year. Good news: that's enough time that invariably a new restaurant has moved into town by the time we get there, and of course we all have to go. In June, it was the table. Last month, it was Orchard City Kitchen. oh yeah.

OCK is geared around one of our favorite ways to dine - the small plate - known in our little world as 'shared plates.' That way, we can try even more dishes than if we each ordered our own meal....Triple B (biscuits, bacon, & honey butter), white corn with criminis, kale, & herbed goat cheese (oh! and "corn dust" or ground corn nuts), macaroni & cheese with brisket & Seattle's Beecher's flagship cheddar, Korean fried chicken, and charred avocado with ponzu sauce, serranos, and herbs. Ok, we'd never had any of that before!

As good as the food was, it couldn't beat the precious camaraderie around the table. What fun to peruse the menu together, catch up while waiting for the next dish, discover new tastes, evaluate and choose our favorites. Pretty much the best kind of meal.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Improv Afternoon

After working all week on a project for Purse Palooza, and before diving back into quilting my Bee Sewcial quilt, I figured I better work on a couple of the smaller items on my to-do list. Happily, improv was the name of the game.

For Seattle Modern Quilt Guild's QuiltCon 2016 Charity quilt, we were asked to make solid improvisationally pieced diamonds "pieced in a modern style using a main color and one or two accent colors. The accent colors should be minimal, comprising approximately 15% or less of the diamond." The colors available were all in the palette chosen by the Modern Quilt Guild, and we were asked to choose among limited groupings to evenly distribute the colors among the guild. I picked yellow as my main color, with accents of white and off-white. We were also given a template for the final diamond, which measured 13" tall by 6.5" wide. I enjoyed working with a shape that wasn't in my normal repertoire.

Once that was done, I felt warmed up enough to face my Bee Sewcial assignment for the month. Felicity/Felicity Quilts chose a theme of Minimalist Abstract Winter Landscapes in black, white, and shades of gray. Remember, we work only in solids, and other than the white 'background,' I was able to pull the rest from the scrap basket, which felt good. One photo in particular called to me from Felicity's inspiration board. Let me know if you can pick it out, ok?