Friday, January 20, 2017


When Stephanie/@spontaneousthreads posted the prompt for Bee Sewcial this month, I might have sighed a little. So here I was needing to create inspired by Resolution, when in fact, I was starting the year planless, with the only resolution being not to make any. yeah.

In addition to my own [lack of] resolution though, Stephanie asked us to watch a Ted talk on Zaria Forman: Drawings that show the beauty and fragility of Earth. I really enjoyed that. What kept coming back to me, though, as I considered the theme was the continuous project lists from last year, and the fact that I wanted to plan less this year. Not that I intended to sew less, just leave more space to sew on a whim. So as I started to sew, I was in a way, recreating that very intentional list of the past.

As I continued to sew, I was thinking of the Resolution prompt, my own lack of planning, glaciers (thanks to the Ted talk), scale, and my own journey. It was an eclectic mix of ideas, and I may just be the only one the sees the connections in the finished piece. 

The one detail I will comment on is that I tried to leave more white space to represent 'free sewing' as I moved along, though I achieved an acceptable block size - 13" x 25" - before things got really blank. I did also refer to Helen/Archie the Wonder Dog's tutorial: "How to Add an Accurate Quarter Inch Strip", which actually worked really well to achieve even 1/8" strips. And as usual, Bee Sewcial took me somewhere worth going with intention and thoughtfulness. I'm glad I went.