Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Different Kind of Swap

Apparently, the Bee Sewcial members who were able to meet up at QuiltCon decided we should have a swap! Of course it couldn't be any routine kind of swap! When I heard what they had in mind, I think I had two simultaneous thoughts: 1) well that's different! and 2) oh, this will be fun! The inspiration was solids or prints: low volume background, with a pop of colour. The plan was to each make a single original design, then cut it up to share a piece with each of our bee-mates.

I started by doing different small improv blocks, which I really liked, but I just lost momentum.

So I chose one block I really loved, and made several larger ones (9" square).

I pieced six blocks together and then .... as directed, I cut it all up.

So I've got 5" squares cut from a single work, plenty to send one to each of my bee-mates plus keep a couple for myself. Once we all receive the snippets from the other participants, we'll make our own creations with little pieces from each other. I can't wait for that day.

Check out #beesewcialswap to see more....