Tuesday, June 21, 2016

just take it one stitch at a time

In the spirit of the challenge, this one isn't even going to get a binding. The instructor for June's Mighty Lucky Quilting Club challenge, Angela "quilting is my therapy" Walters, suggested since 'practice is key,' that's exactly what we should do.

The topic, Say Something with Free-Motion Quilting, wasn't really something I thought I'd use on my quilts, but then, I decided it certainly wouldn't hurt to at least do the challenge, because you never know. I cheated just a little by combining the two assignments into one 17" piece. But I did try both cursive and block letters, so there's that. And, I used up some scraps making my quilt sandwich, so there you go.

I felt like I did pretty good connecting my cursive letters and backtracking on the t's and dotting those i's and that j. But the movement between the block letters was much trickier, and I'm not too keen on what I did. But it's practice, right?!

Live and learn. Or at least try. 

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