Thursday, November 8, 2018

Seattle MQG QuiltCon Charity Quilt: Progress

Since I showed you the beginning of our QuiltCon Charity quilt, I thought you might enjoy seeing where I ended up. Don't get me wrong, the quilt is far from done. But I've pieced the parts I was assigned and I'll be taking it all to my co-chair Louise/@imfeelincrafty at our meeting next week.

Our design has five columns, so I pieced two and a half of them, making hexagon 'blocks' out of the striped slabs our guild-mates made. Louise is piecing the others and will finish up the quilt top before handing it off for quilting.

So it'll be a while before I have more to share, but I have a very strong feeling it will be worth the wait!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Usually I need to be in just the right frame of mind and space to face a new Bee Sewcial prompt, and as chance would have it, I found myself there just hours after Leanne/shecanquilt announced her "Doodle" theme. 

She requested bright, saturated colors, and I opted to pull from the scrap basket just to add to the fun. We could use minimal color or more, and I enjoyed using the more this time around. We were also asked to 'frame' our doodles, which was an interesting twist. I had fun with the first one, mitering the corners.

Though I'm not much of a doodler in general, the flat zigzag and wonky spiral are both patterns that I've found myself creating on meeting notes more than once. So it was kind of fun to doodle them in fabric.

This was an entertaining prompt! And I unexpectedly had alot of fun with the framing, though Leanne suggested that, "The goal is for the doodle to be the star of the show." Hopefully I achieved that objective.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Patchwork Potholders

Besides her myriad of excellent patterns, Svetlana/s.o.t.a.k handmade also has quite a selection of free tutorials, many of which I've made. Most recently, her Patchwork Potholder caught my eye!

They start with a randomly pieced block. I made mine logcabin-ish, cutting into a bundle of Anna Graham's Forage. These would be an ideal candidate for scraps, but I'd been wanting to sew with Forage, and I figured with it being made of a cotton-linen blend, it would make especially sturdy potholders.

So I pieced together a pair of coordinating blocks (big! 10"!) and then layered them each with one piece of batting and one of Insul-brite, which from experience I knew to be a winning combination. I spray-basted those all, including a backing, and then slapped on my walking foot for quilting. I was going to quilt denser than 1" apart, but it felt plenty sturdy and I liked the feel of it. Then I then machine-bound them with one of the prints I'd used for my piecing.

I totally copied Sveltana and finished them each with a leather tab and rivet. Love that detail!

So these will be finding their way to a family gift exchange this next weekend where I trust someone will like them as much as I do!