Friday, February 11, 2011

Sewing Circle

I’m nearing the end of a months-long project that I began with high hopes, but honestly can’t wait to complete. It is the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle, a six-part quilt along where I’ve gotten a kit each month. The project was intended as a journey back in time and has featured stories about life on the prairie, when women gathered and quilted together. Honestly, I have read few of the stories. My energy has just been focused on other projects. More modern projects. But that’s fine. I’ll see it through. In the stitching of these little quilts, I have hand-quilted, which I hadn’t done in a while, practiced machine quilting and tried a new stitch, been able to gift someone special on a whim, and most delightful of all, welcome a new granddaughter. Those things have made the time spent definitely worth it.

Leap of Faith ~ 17” x 21”

Heartland Crossing ~ 38” x 38”

At Mama’s Knee ~ 17” x 17”

Mrs. Olson’s Hat Box Table Runner ~ 10” x 41”

Seneca Falls ~ 28.5” x 31”  In progress

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