Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Conversation

My "sewing room" is also hubby's "computer room". Considering we are empty nesters, it's a nice place to spend an evening - both enjoying our own projects, but also enjoying each other's company. This evening, I was working on a project and needed an opinion.

Me: "Do you think I should fussy cut these?" Holding up some fabric to show him.
Hubby: "Does that mean cut so you get a whole design?"
Me: "Exactly."
Hubby: "Yeah, I think that would look good."
Me: "Me too. Thanks."
Hubby: "I've never heard you use that phrase before."
Me: "Well, maybe I've never said it, but I've done it before."
Hubby: "It wastes some fabric, doesn't it?"
Well, yes. Yes, it does. But sometimes it's worth it.

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