Friday, April 8, 2011

Once, Twice, or More

It all began with this gift from my dear friend. . .
A table runner using the "Crossroads Table Runner" pattern from Anka's TreasuresCharmed and Dangerous. It is still one of my favorite runners ever, and was my introduction to straight-line quilting.

Eventually, I hunted down the pattern and made one for my daughter. . .
And then for my coworker . . .

And now, this week, for my niece and her new hubby . . .
Every once in a while, there's a pattern that is so fun to make, with such lovely results, that I use it over and over. What about you? Do you have a pattern that you keep making again and again, or is it just me?


  1. They all look fabulous! For a while I was making the same shirt for myself over and over again...but most patterns I find I only make one!

  2. I love this pattern! It's so fun to see how the same pattern and different fabrics make such beautiful finished products.

  3. That's a terrific table runner pattern. I do have go-to patterns, especially for baby quilts. Lately, it's been the whirlygig, but it used to be blooming 9-patch.