Monday, October 10, 2011

A Table Tidbit

You have figured out by now that I am a foodie. Cooking, baking, grocery shopping, reading cookbooks, trying new restaurants, just food talk of any kind - it's all on my list of 'favorite things to do.' And I guess I've got a bit of a reputation 'round these parts. It's not uncommon at all for me to get a call where the first thing said after identifying themselves is, "I've got a cooking question."

So what just happened to me isn't necessarily an uncommon occurrence either. My boss walks up to my desk, first thing Monday morning, and says he needs my help. Ok, fair enough. But then . . . he pulls a cookie out of a bag, has me take a hunk, and says, "What's in it?" This cookie, ginger molasses, has traveled with him four hours from a beach town bakery in Oregon, and he has saved one, hoping against hope that I would take one taste and tell him the secret ingredient. What makes it soooo good? Seriously, I wish I knew - is it cardamom? is it the sweetner? Can't tell you, and unfortunately I couldn't tell him. Just the same, it was a fine foodie moment. Love it.
Not my boss' favorite cookie, but still delish . . .


  1. I get questions like that too sometimes, but mine is almost always for baking. Not too many people would come to me with questions about cooking savory foods. Those cookies sure do sound good!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice. I wish I could have been there to help discern what that secret ingredient/flavor might have been. Cardamom? Is the ginger freshly grated, crystallized, or something else? I'm on for staff lunch tomorrow actually. My co-worker and I are creating the following menu:
    Strawberry and Spinach salad with poppy seed dressing,
    Baked zucchini casserole (it is MN, after all),
    Chicken Marsala, and
    Flour-less chocolate cake (the birthday boy is glutton-free).
    And maybe if I can finish my batch of sea salt truffles for Wednesday in time, I might bring some extras in tomorrow...

  3. HaHa - he needs to ask a pregnant lady - she might be able to smell the ingredients! LOL I can never figure out what it in stuff right away, and then about a week later, I will go, duh...I know!

  4. Well, I guess that's one reputation that's good to have!

  5. Sounds like a fun boss! I wish you luck in figuring out the secret in the cookies, I bet you are going to be trying.