Saturday, September 22, 2012

All Sorts of Random

There's several odds and ends to share from the last week or so, the first being that {Sew} Modern Monday is back! Visit Canoe Ridge Creations each Monday to share your latest modern finish!

There's also a couple of fun bits coming up this fall. First, I was invited to participate in the Sew Lux Design Challenge, and my project will be up towards the end of October. Fabric just arrived, so now . . . what to do??

And in November, A Quilter's Table will be one of the stops on the UR Priceless blog hop. I'm really looking forward to putting my touch on this little pouch! (I hear there are still blog hop openings - if you are interested, contact Katherine at Sew Me Something Good.)

I really appreciated this article by badskirt this week, all about checking the accuracy of your cutting mats and rulers. Really, it's worth checking out!          

It's always a please to see one of FAITH Circle's do.Good Stitches quilts completed, and this week Rachel posted about the finished Scattered Gems quilt we made blocks for in July. The blocks I contributed, made with this tutorial, looked like this:
You can see my blocks in the top and bottom 'rows'.
Scattered Gems for Faith circle
Lastly, I was really pleased to see my Zakka mosaic included in Rashida's wrap-up post on the sew-along! And of course it was pretty cool to see my little Triple-Zip Pouch being listed as one of 4 Favorites 4 Friday on the Sewing Summit blog!    


  1. That was a great collection of randomness though :o) Looking forward to seeing what you've hopped to!

  2. Congrats on sew luxe and the triple zip! Your blocks and your group's completed quilt are both beautiful! And I'm excited to see your upcoming projects!

  3. As always, all your projects make me smile- so excited to see your upcoming ones :)

  4. The scattered gems quilt came together so cute - how fun to be a part of it. Looking forward to whatever you come up with for the Sew Lux post.

  5. Congratulations on all the project features! =D

  6. Hmmmm maybe if I get my modern baby quilt bound, I could link up to the modern Monday thing. Here.s hoping. Congrats on all the shout outs over your lovely work ; )

  7. thanks for keeping us up to date. I signed up to make a little coin purse, too.

  8. i saw your mosaic in rashida's post! i was happy to see it! ;)xo