Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Finish Postscript

There's no W.i.P. Wednesday this week, so I thought I'd tally up the Christmas finishes I haven't shared yet.

Ruby Star Wrapping Pillowcase Pouches - This pattern saved the day for me. Though I had planned on making oodles of fabric gift bags this year, I missed my goal by a long shot. But on Christmas Eve, when I finally got around to wrapping my gifts for my family, I realized that not only did I not have as many fabric bags as I had planned, but I also ran out of paper ones. Thank goodness pillowcase pouches are pretty quick! I think I even was working so quickly that I forgot to take pics of a couple.

Drawstring Bags - I could not not make one for daughter dear, the queen of fabric gift bags! It was The Artist Bag (16" tall x 14.5"), in blue and gray snowflake dots.

Infinity Scarf - I mentioned last week that this item wasn't very photo friendly, and truly, I was afraid the project was a fail. Even though the fabric was a lovely voile, I wasn't sure it draped well enough. But once my daughter-in-law-to-be slipped it on, I knew it was fine. It looked just darling on her.
(fabric was cut 11"x42"; shown here looped once)

Zakka Frame Purses - I made three for gifts, two with the pleats, and one without, just to try it. Unfortunately, I only managed to take a finished picture of one of them.

Frame Purse - For this little one, I actually drafted a pattern to fit my frame, and I love its unique shape.

And lastly, in addition to running out of gift bags, I also ran out of tags! On Christmas Eve! So I cut into a quilted scrap from the stocking I made recently, and quickly stitched up some tags.

I'll definitely be making some of these again!

For next W.i.P. Wednesday, I hope to also report on the couple of projects I did not get done!

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  1. The bags looks great, Debbie. What a great idea. I'll save that for next year. Sadly I didn't get to make anything this year - not even the planned quilts - due to a manic work schedule in December.

  2. Lovely projects you have been working on for Christmas. And cute tags.
    Happy day!

  3. Lovely bags, and I especially love the tags. I need this week to get on with the wip list I made last week.

  4. Very very nice! I hope to get out of my slump soon and get some stuff made for a change.

  5. Very impressive! I, too, made infinity scarves. After reading a few tutorials I made mine 60" which is great for a double wrap (although they could have been a bit shorter for a double) but not long enough for a triple wrap. How long did you make yours?

  6. I was making fabric gift bags at midnight on Christmas Eve. Suffice to say, yours look much better ;o)

  7. Really love your purse frames - mine dont look anywhere as nice!

  8. You were *busy*! Everything looks great but my favorite is still you little frame purse that you drafted your own pattern for - love the shape and the fabric you chose :-)

  9. Those bunnies on the coin purse are that Laura and Jessi Jung fabric?

  10. you are just so awesome at making framed purses! I need to try an infinity scarf... looks so elegant!

  11. So many great gifts Debbie! Love the infinity scarf!