Monday, January 28, 2013

And the Triple-Zip Along Begins!

Finally! It's time to officially begin the Triple-Zip Along! If you haven't already:
  1. Join the Triple-Zip Along flickr group by clicking this link and 'join this group!'
  2. Take a pic of the fabric and zips you are planning to use and post it in the group. For those still trying to decide, you'll get some ideas there! Just be sure and choose some fabrics you really enjoy. They can be coordinating prints and solids or all the same. Same with the zips. Use what you like or use what you have - it'll all work!
  3. Locate the tutorial we will be following and get a copy you can refer to throughout the process. You'll find it in a blog post here, and a pdf version is here
So to start, let's cut out our fabric and fleece!

Cutting Instructions
1 –  main body fabric, 8” x 9 ½”
1 – fusible fleece, 8" x 9 ½” 
2 – front accent pieces (can be the same or contrasting), 8" x 1 ¼”
2 – pieces fusible fleece, 8" x 1 ¼”
6 – zipper ends (all matching or matching pairs), 2 ½" x 3”
1 – main zip lining fabric, 8" x 12 ½”
1 – center zip lining fabric, 8" x 9 ½”
1 – bottom zip lining fabric, 7" x 8”

So this is what you'll have:
fleece for main body + two accent pieces

main body fabric + two accent pieces

3 lining pieces

two zipper ends for each zipper

So let's get started! Go ahead and start cutting out your pieces, and I'll see you all over at the Triple-Zip Along flickr group! Let the fun begin!


  1. Can't wait to get started on this - still need to get zippers though!

  2. Can´t wait to get started.Thanks!

  3. I'm ready...great instructions...thanks!!! See ya at Flickr.
    CollectInTexasGal Sue

  4. Ahh I am so behind, I haven't even picked my fabrics yet!

  5. Just posted pictures of my first ever zipper pouch!!! Thanks for the tutorial and nudge to try my hand at zippers.

  6. I think I am going to make one in patchwork squares again. Hopefully I can get started tonight or tomorrow.

  7. can't wait to finally make my own tripple-zip pouch! thanks for posting pics of all the pieces cut out, the visual is really helpful :)

  8. I am excited for this....I am having trouble downloading the pdf...I just get a blank screen. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy? I would appreciate it.

    Thank you so much!

  9. Well the pieces look fairly straight forward...wish I didn't work today so I could play. I am off to join the group : )

  10. yay, how exciting! Off to get my supplies ready!

  11. Ahh, we can finally start. Well, actually, I did cut my pieces already last week but have waited to go any further!

  12. super cute fabrics. I can't wait to see how these all turn out..

  13. Yeah I cut out my fabric and ordered some zippers from Zip it. Thanks

  14. Probably won't be until the weekend but can't wait to join in!

  15. I'm cutting my fabrics today. Excited to see the outcome! Thank you for hosting a great sew along!

  16. I had trouble with the last steps ( the lining) so i am waiting for the rest of the saw along.