Monday, January 26, 2015


Over the weekend, my friend Louise and I had the chance to go to Island Quilter on Vashon Island, where there was a quilt exhibit we'd been wanting to see: My MODERN: Celebrating Five Years of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.

Oh yeah, this was our guild's show, and we both had quilts hanging, but just wait till you see the exhibit in its entirety. I'm biased for sure, but I think it's a terrific showing of modern quilts, and I'm fortunate and grateful to be a part of such a talented group of quilters. So here goes! {Note that the quilts are listed in the order I saw them hanging around the room.}

 "Not a Christmas Quilt" by Dionne Matthies-Buban

"Spiraled Jungle" by Debbie Jeske

"Postage Springs Eternal" by Lynne Shandley

"Shades of Grey" by Louise Wackerman

 (l-r) "Kaleidoscope Love" by Jessica Vehorn, "Hunks of Sky" by Matt Macomber,
"Double Binary" by Deborah Ferguson

 (l-r) "yellow birds on back" by Kristen Ballou, "Fallen" by Allison Dutton

 (upper left) "Scrap Migration" by Rachel Pascual, (lower left) "Tinkering No. 2"
by Grace Lainhart, (right) "Double-Trouble" by Katie Pedersen

 "Orange Appeal" by Lisa Nolte

 (l-r) "She Loves Me" by Katrine Eagling, "Tempo Rubato" by Martha Peterson

"Antitheses" by Rachel Singh

"BitterRoot" by Darcie Kantor

"Soundwave" by Amy Killian

"Plymouth Rocks II" by the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild

rainbow/zen by Megan Riley

 (l-r) "Happy Encounter: Gwen Meets Karla Meets Angela" by Jackie Benedetti,
"Gina's Gold Star" by Marilyn Lone

 (l-r) "PNW" by Becca Jubie, "If a Tree Falls in the Woods" by Maureen Mandy

 (l-r) "Fox Tails are a Girl's Best Friend" by Ellen Jackowski, "Happy Times" by Chandra Wu

 (l-r) "Timelines" by Carrie Franklin, "Passage" by Aly Bazeley

 (left) "Isaac's Quilt" by the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild, (upper right) "Molten Metal"
by Megan Vanderburg", (lower right) "Untitled" by Vicki Christensen

 (left) "Reflection" by Sandra Jean, (upper right) "Waves" by Amber Arnold,
(lower right) "Tunnel Vision" by Sue Mariotti

"Grey Geese" by Kate Barnet
While enjoying  the quilts themselves, I enjoyed so many of their names too. Beside each quilt was a card not only identifying the maker, but a little about each piece, and also what modern quilt attributes the maker was expressing in their quilt. I found all that info about the quilts and their makers very interesting. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit, and I hope you did too!


  1. Thanks Debbie! This is a great way to take your guild's show on the road. I love the way each quilt is unique but they definitely make a cohesive whole.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all of that ...this was fun and beautiful. And inspirational!

  3. That is such a fantastic exhibit, thank you so much for sharing it here too. Your guild is full of such talented quilters and that shop is the best for showing the quilts off so beautifully.

  4. what a wonderful collection of beautiful quilts! Congrats to your guild on five years! so much talent

  5. What a great selection of modern and contemporary quilts! I have to say hunks of sky cracked me up cause I used that same cowboy novelty fabric to make pillows for my girlfriends last year for Christmas and they just about dyed laughing but all use them to snuggle on the couch next to their boyfriends!

  6. What a gorgeous exhibit! I love how different everything was :)

  7. Gorgeous display of talent. I really like your quilt Debbie and She Loves Me is very nice too. I think I remember when you cautiously went to your first meeting......: )

  8. What a talented group . . . great representation of modern all around. Some day I REALLY want to go to Island Quilter and see all their Kaffe fabrics.

  9. Monday morning eye candy. Thanks for posting, Debbie.

  10. What a lot of talent in your guild! Thoroughly enjoyed seeing these quilts -- thank you for posting!

  11. Oh, eye candy! Thanks for showing all that beauty...

  12. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful designs!

  13. I really enjoyed this and picked out a couple that really inspired me to did in that stash of mine. Thanks for taking the time to photograph these creations to share with us.

  14. Love.Love.Love this exhibit! Thanks so much for sharing it with us :o) I've recently had a local quilt guild ask if I might be interested in coming to talk to them about modern quilting (of course I said Yes!) If I do end up going I'd sure love to use this blog post as a reference to show them...thoughts??

  15. So much talent! I love the diversity of the quilts! Great quilt names too! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Thanks, Debbie, this was a great show!

  17. I definitely enjoyed the show. Thank you so much.