Monday, October 31, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Sometimes I know months ahead what my next quilt plan for Faith Circle will be. Then again, like this month, I may change my mind again and again. I finally settled on a quarter log cabin block, reminiscent of a favorite quilt from Heather Jones.

We'll be using my Improv Quarter Log Cabin Block tutorial as a reference, though our palette will be totally different.

Blocks will be sewn in orange, shades of blue, and off-white, while not going quite so creamy as the bottom chip below.

Rather than a solid off-white such as Kona snow, I used two of Carolyn Friedlander's low-volume prints, and there's the catch. To create a sense of unity between our blocks, I'm asking that if my bee-mates have and want to use one of these two low-volume fabrics, great. If not, I'd prefer use of an off-white solid.

The blocks will be trimmed to 12 1/2", and quilt layout is to-be-determined. Faith circle gals, see our Flickr group for specifics. I'm looking forward to seeing our final quilt of the year come together!


  1. this will be awesome! I love your color palette and can't wait to see this happen!

  2. I like this a lot! Great inspiration photo, too! x Teje

  3. Love your plans for the project ♥

  4. Great and unique design.

  5. Your new blocks are very pretty! And I like orange! It is funny bit it was my favourite colour as a child.