Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Victoria + That Binding

Goodness, time has just done quite a job of getting away from me lately! It's been over two weeks since I had the pleasure of presenting a trunk show to MQG Victoria, which was alot of fun! What a friendly bunch they are.

It was good to see what other guilds do - they happened to be celebrating their birthday as a guild with a fabric challenge, and it was a delight to see so much of their beautiful work! I also met a few long-time friends on social media, plus of course some new ones!

After the meeting, there was opportunity to gather round all of the (30!) quilts I'd brought, look up close, and of course, ask questions and chat about what they'd seen and heard. There was one prevalent inquiry and that was about the quilts that had faced bindings.

So I wanted to share the tutorials I've used for this technique - all come highly recommended, yet each has unique differences that may make one your favorite over another. And of course, that's ok!

Faced Binding by Elizabeth/OPQuilt
This was the first tutorial I tried, and it worked lovely, and pretty perfect with mitered corners and all.

Facing Finish by Terry/Terry Aske Art Quilt Studio
Terry's tutorial is an alternative to the mitered method, and really focuses on reducing bulk and controlling the 'squareness' of the corners.

Knife Edge Binding by Anita/Bloomin' Workshop
A bit of a simplified version of the previous technique, here's the one I personally use most often. Call it my go-to.

Non-Binding Binding by Victoria/The Silly BooDilly
I haven't actually used this one, but it's unique in that it's single-fold, but it might suit your project just fine, so I thought it was worth mentioning.

So hope that's helpful! A faced binding is a really lovely way to finish off certain quilts. The one thing about it, is that is needs to be finished by hand on the back side. So a bit of a different method, but not really any more difficult or time consuming than 'regular' binding. Consider trying it sometime so at least you have it in your quilty 'toolkit' when you need it!


  1. Thanks, Debbie! I have had this on my list to try.

  2. Interesting! If you know you're going to be blocking your mini, do you do that before or after facing? (I do it after binding. And I almost always have to block a mini because of denser quilting!) Also, I notice most of these techniques have a fairly wide bit of fabric on the back - does it need to be that wide to achieve the proper 'roll'?

  3. Thanks for all these tips Debbie! The one I use is Victoria's, very simple and quick.

  4. I use Victoria's too, very easy and works well.

  5. Thirty quilts!!! I would love to see them up close and personal too! I've done a faced binding one time and it was a success, maybe I'll give it another try one day! Thanks for sharing the links!

  6. Knife edge binding Anita's style makes sense to me. I'll be trying that out very soon, thank you.
    It sounds like your trunk show was fun all around, good people, exciting quilts!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these tips with us, after reading posts I'm going to go visit the all.
    The two quilts you have in the post are beautiful, I love green so you can guess which was my favourite!

  8. Glad to get a round-up of these methods; thanks for mentioning the tutorial I did once again. I love that the faced binding is becoming more known to quilters, and is an alternative to the standard binding. Thanks for spreading the word!

  9. I have a couple of designs I'm working on that might benefit from faced binding. I've only done it once or twice so am glad to have the various resources. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for including the link to my facing tutorial.