Friday, November 10, 2017

Swapped Goods

At our guild meeting this week, we had a swap! The kind where you get assigned a person to create for, they can give you suggestions of what they'd like, colors, etc., but you don't know who you are partnered up with until the reveal. Well I got to make for Kae/
katrineannetteeagling, and thankfully, she was really helpful with suggestions.

She really was hoping for a fold-able thread catcher, so I searched around and finally decided to make her a Fold Up Mini Thread Catcher using the tutorial by lulu_luka/Studio LUCA. This is one quick and fun little make. My first one (bright orange interior) turned out a little sloppy considering I used contrasting thread on the final stitching, so I tried again, and was pleased with the second - the blue and orange one - which I gifted to Kae.

But that was a little too small for my main gift, so I took another suggestion from her list and made a set of potholders based on the Spiderweb Potholders Tutorial by Julie/Jaybird Quilts. You might remember I tried this tutorial a few weeks ago, so I knew the basics, and really enjoyed trying a palette outside my norm. Kae seemed really happy with what I made her, so that was good!

As for me, I received a gift from Jennifer, who I hadn't met before. I kind of embarrassed myself, because I wasn't 100% sure what my item was when I opened it! I finally decided it must be a couch sewing caddy, right?

Thankfully, Jennifer came up to me after the swap and told me nooooo...... she had actually made a double potholder with hand-holds. Of course! I had put potholders on my suggestion list, so then that made perfect sense. And she was so sweet to use some of my favorite fabrics and colors. The size is generous enough it would also serve well as a table runner/
trivet. At any rate, I look forward to using it!

Swaps can really be stressful, at least for me, but they are also a good way to share a bit of yourself as well as receive something a fellow-creator has put their heart into. And that's a good thing.

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  1. Swaps are fun, but it definitely helps when your partner gives concrete suggestions rather than "anything goes!". You did well in both departments.

  2. Both of you did great! I like the idea of suggestions for colors, etc. Makes the whole idea more fun and way less stressful.

  3. Yes, I think you did well on both sides of the swap. Love that thread catcher and hope to make one for a quilty friend of mine. :-)

  4. Beautiful items - love the fabrics you and your swap partner used. Fun swap - I can imagine your puzzlement - so awesome though.

  5. I love both items!! Great scrap busters too! Using every last bit of a favorite fabric makes me smile when I walk in a room & see it pop up & suprise me in another project! Is there a name or link to a tutorial for your potholder/small table runner? Are the squares top stitched on the gray? Love the modern look. (PS: I get so much inspiration from you posts! Thank you!)

  6. Very useful gifts!
    I use my thread catcher every time I sew and every time I use the oven I use pot holders.
    Good idea.

  7. I agree, swaps are stressful. I always wonder if I am doing enough owrk, is it commplicated enough for trade. Did I slack off or do too much and overwhelm the other person. Aughhh!

  8. So stressful to sew for a swap or a gift ! I love your fabric choice for the thread catchers !