Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Not My Bee

When my friend Ellyn told me she was making a bunch of 5" gray improv blocks to mix with the blue and white minimalist blocks being made for her by #thesolidseven bee, I offered to make some for her. The prompt was “urban architecture," which really inspired me to pull out my gray solid scraps and play.

Fact is, I had very specific things in mind as I made each one:

  • top: a multi-level building with windows between two other less interesting buildings
  • middle left: a row of buildings with awnings
  • middle right: the decks of a multi-level building
  • lower left: quite possibly a mid-century modern multi-level building (confession: saw one on my most recent quilt back)
  • lower right: a downtown shop, emphasizing its door and awning

As much as I love color, I really also like working in neutrals, so I enjoyed making these little blocks very much. And having just finished a very maximalist stripey quilt top, working minimally was a treat.


  1. I appreciate that you had very clear ideas for each block; thank you for sharing! Having just a bit of structure (like your ideas) helps me with design a lot.

  2. Super! Debbie your improv is always exciting.

  3. You show that improv can also have a bit of planning instead of flying by the seat of your pants! Each block is fantastic!

  4. I love these so much and i'm so happy they will have a home in my quilt! thanks for sharing your inspirations!

  5. It's not usual to work with grey and other dark neutral, and your blocks look fabulous! It's going to be a beautiful mix with blue and white blocks.