Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Snowflake Sampler :: Large Snowflake

Well, I just finished my latest Snowflake Sampler block, and it's the biggest one so far at 21" square! I used the same variegated blue floss as in the Tiny Snowflakes block due to the snowflake 'theme.' A couple of new stitch designs were included in this block so that added to the enjoyment.

Sadly, I tried several times to get a good photo of my block, and wasn't too successful. But here are a couple of close-ups!

In case you missed my previous blocks, I'll keep a running list as I stitch along:

X and O Star   +   Tiny Snowflakes   +   Lacy Flowers


  1. I really like the detail and interest the variegated thread is adding to your sampler!

  2. it's beautiful! will the blocks all fit together into a finished quilt in the end?

  3. WOW, Debbie! Very impressive! A fun design and your stitching is beautiful.

  4. This is very impressive! I've done chicken scratch too - way back in the mid 1980s it saw a bit of popularity - but none of the designs looked like these, with such a variety of stitches. Your stitches look neat - well-executed. I can appreciate how challenging it was to take photographs, especially where the variegated threads blended with background fabric. You have a really pretty piece to do something with! All I can think to make from it is an apron, because that's what was being done with them in the 1980s. Or a pillow.