Friday, May 17, 2024


It had been a while since I'd made a Plus quilt, but when I did, I had a nice stack of 5" squares left over, knowing some day, I'd make another. So when I saw Jeni @jenib320 announce her Plus Quilt Along, I figured why not? Jeni has a Modern Plus Quilt Tutorial for a throw-size, though I used her Arithmetic Quilt Pattern to make a baby size to stash for gifting or donating. 

Most, if not all, of the prints were original Cotton + Steel. And actually, my squares were 5", a size not included in Jeni's pattern - her baby-size called for 4.5" squares - so my quilt became slightly larger than her baby-size. Being relatively small, I figured I could squeeze it in among other projects I wanted to do over the quilt along weeks.

As you can imagine, the top sewed up quite quickly. Unfortunately, I realized that I had a little error in the bottom right corner! Luckily it didn't take me too long to make that fix.

For the backing, I used a darling C+S print I'd been stashing for a while - C + S Welsummer Forage in Gray by Kimberly Kight. It didn't take much, but I used just a little of Ruby Star Society Sugar in Neon Pink by Sarah Watts to bring the back up to size. You may be able to barely see that - an inch or so - on the right hand side.

After considering several options, I settled on Aurifil 40wt 1148 [Light Jade] for quilting a grid. I started by quilting along seamlines, then went back and stitched in the middle of those lines of stitches, going completely by eye. For batting, I'm pretty sure I used Quilter's Dream Request, since I had it on hand. At any rate, the quilting and batting resulted in a very soft and drapey quilt.

Bound with a jade C+S Sprinkle, the quilt finished at 42" x 55". The coloring on the sweet label from sarahHEARTS just had to be included on this quilt, along with my standard label.

So that was a fun finish with sweet fabrics. With gifting Snippets to my daughter this week, the stole to my son, and now this finish.... well, it's been good to cross a few projects off the list!


  1. Congratulations on your finish! Yours has kind of an eye spy flavor, fun to look at.

  2. Love this so much! I too have the pattern, but have not made it yet. Now I need to pull it out and gather some fabrics for it.

    1. Oh fun. It's a quick and easy one. Enjoy making yours!

  3. You are definitely on the plus side for finishes this week, and what a great way to top it off with this cute quilt. Love the labels, and I'm glad that little oops was a quick fix!

  4. Good catch on the lower right hand corner. I'm at a point where I really like to take a photograph of a quilt top before I start quilting - that's how I often catch those oopsies. The grid quilting compliments the piecing really nicely. Looks like it was fun to make!

  5. Plus quilts are one of those design ideas that can be executed in so many ways -- they all add up, LOL. Your fabric choices are great. I like your little labels!