Sunday, May 22, 2011

FQS Bella Parade

Throughout May, Shruti of 13 Woodhouse Road has been highlighting a color of a Bella Solid fabric and asking her readers to share inspiration photos that somehow feature that color. You may remember that I was asked to suggest coordinating fabrics for Lavender. Well yesterday was my day!

One thing about doing something for the first time is that you don't always 'get it.' After reading posts from other participants, I realized how simplistic mine was, not really reflecting on the use of lavender in quilting. Not that I have much of an opinion there! Anway, {here} is Shruti's post on lavender, with my comment and fabric suggestions (which I think I did ok on). Katy of I'm a Ginger Monkey was the 'expert' for lavender, and {here} is her post.

I looked back in my own quilting archive and lavender isn't a color I've used alot, but here are several projects I did find with lavender in them . . .


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  1. Well you certainly have more done with purple than I would have! Your quilts are beautiful!