Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thinking Back

Last evening was somewhat traumatic. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to sew for several days, I seized the opportunity to take my sewing machine in for its (overdue) annual check-up. Its stitch regulator needed checked, among other minor adjustments and cleaning. Now I'm pretty used to being an empty-nester, but really, no kids and no sewing machine?! Yikes!

For some reason, I was reminded that it wasn't really true that there wasn't a sewing machine in the house. Right in the sewing room, where it always lives, is this little darling:
This Singer, which my grandma bought when she was a single young woman, is over 75 years old, and last I checked, still stiches with a hum. It is the machine I learned to sew on back in the 70's when I was just a teenager, and many a time over the years has been hauled out to sub in when my current machine was in the shop. It just may be again soon.

In 1977, for my 21st birthday, my parents gifted me with what was, at the time, as wonderful a gift as I could imagine.
Top of the line in her day, this precious one served me well for over 30 years. She was the friend I stayed up late with many a night, making my own clothes. Later, after I became a mommy, she made bibs, baby quilts, and teddy bears. Eventually, in the 80's, she learned to piece quilts, though never really mastered machine quilting. She travled to quilt classes and retreats, stitching up countless table runners, quilts, and other miscellaneous projects.

Last year, elna went to live with daughter dear, and a brother took her place.
Sleek and shiny, brother is up to the challenge of the machine quilting that sweet elna was not. She's kept up with her predecessors, this one, and has worked hard in the year she's lived with me. Truly, I miss her already! But she'll be back home soon, ready to face those W.i.P.s and who knows what else. Can't wait.


  1. My favorite line of this post: "Last year, elna went to live with daughter dear, and a brother took her place."

  2. Oh I love seeing your machines, I should do a post like this too, except I have more machines and some have gone "the way of the dodo!"

    Hope it is back soon!