Thursday, November 10, 2011

52 lists in 52 weeks//week 23 and other Randomness

My list this week is definitely not inclusive, know that. But for what it's worth . . .

In other randomness . . . I have learned so much this year, and been inspired to try new things, which continues to make my quilting fresh and exciting {to me, at least}. Here's some posts I've found really interesting lately, and have gotten me thinking.

Building a fabric stash by Hyacinth Quilt Designs

A great commentary on binding choices and technique by Sew Katie Did

And just for fun, here's a few of my  latest favs on flickr - always a great source of inspiring ideas!
1. <a href="">Dead Simple Quilt</a>, 
2. <a href="">Pillow Talk Swap 5</a>, 
3. <a href="">ROYGBIV - Top Done</a>, 
4. <a href="">cross block quilt</a>


  1. Great list, and yes chocolate most definitely always helps

  2. We must get inspired by a lot of the same quilts! I love every one and want to try them too. My taste in quilting has changed so much just since becoming a grandma. I like bright fun funky things . When I first started quilting, everything was going to be hand pieced and hand quilted.........ya right.

  3. Sorry about the third thing on your list...

  4. Mmmm....chocolate!

    Love your flickr favs. I love all of them but particularly that wonky crosses quilt!

  5. Love the list and the blocks! I also loved Toni's Dead Simple Quilt.

  6. Love your flickr favs, they are all great, and now I have a great set of links to go check out!

  7. Clearly you are an optimist, a cup half full woman! I am tickled that you put my quilt top in your mosaic, I sure like the other ones you included too.

  8. Great list, but #3 made me laugh! I agree with everything on there! Thanks for the "favorite", Debbie!