Wednesday, November 2, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Seems like I've been in a Swoon fog since last week's W.i.P. Wednesday! But I did detour just a bit . . .

Completed projects
Pumpkin Patch Table Topper - Done and just in the nick of time! {see full post here} I really enjoyed this make-decisions-as-you-stitch project.

Ongoing projects
Swoon quilt - Quilting is done. Whew. 11 hours and it wasn't a piece of cake.
Now to make the binding. Since I have alot of Terrain fat-quarters left, I decided to make a scrappy binding using Kati's clever idea for candy cane binding, except I'm using just prints. Since the quilt is so colorful, I'm hoping the scrappy binding is a nice finish.
Wrenly HST quilt - no progress here. Been busy swooning.

Upcoming projects  
* 4th quarter 4x5 Quilt Bee blocks NEW
* do. Good Stitches November blocks NEW

* Ruby charm square quilt NEW
* Scrappy Autumn Lap quilt
* Flannel Christmas star quilt
* Hometown "Wild Thing" 
* Pattern for Mango
* Stash quilt zig zag quilt
* Quilts for siblings #2 and #3

Be sure and check in at Freshly Pieced to see lots of other great w.i.p.s!


  1. Ooooh, I'm swooning over your scrappy binding (really, I'm not just making a pun!!)! I love scrappy binding, so fab! Your pumpkin table topper is a lot of fun too :)

  2. Love your swooning! Can't wait to see all those upcoming projects :)

  3. Can't wait for the big swoon reveal! My shoulders hurt just thinking about 11 hours of quilting.

  4. 11 hours! Yikes! It'll be totally worth it though. And the scrappy binding should be a nice touch. :)

  5. Wow, 11 hours of quilting, yikes!
    Can't wait to see the finished Swoon!

  6. I really like that approach to the binding, I can't wait to see the whole quilt finished!

  7. Candy cane binding? I cannot wait to see how great that is going to look. My goodness 11 hours is a big time investment but it looks from the photo that it was worth the effort - your lines look perfect. :)

  8. Wow, wow and wow! So impressive that you quilted it yourself, so much work, but it is awesome! I think your binding will look fabulous, but I always like scrappy bindings!

  9. What a cute pumpkin!! I'm excited to see your Swoon quilt all finished- good luck this week- Happy sewing!

  10. The them.

    The Swoon, gorgeous. Your photo is just lovely. What a relief for you to be finished the quilting, you're right, it is not a piece of cake! I'm getting there. :) I love the idea of a scrappy binding. I think I would have done the same except that I ordered just enough Hometown for the blocks only.

  11. Debbie. your swoon quilt looks wonderful. Full reveal soon?

  12. I love that pumpkin! The scrappy binding is such a good idea, too. I hope we get to see the finished Swoon next week!

  13. Still lov'n the pumpkin :) and your swoon quilt is adorable... the binding is going to be fantastic!

  14. Oh wow I love your Swoon quilt! Well done on the mammoth quilting! That's huge!

  15. Ohhh, your swoon quilting looks so awesome!

  16. cute pumpkin....and love the quilting on the quilt

  17. I love your swoon quilt! I want to make one very badly. I'm thinking of using Laura Gunn's Poppy line and her Lantern Bloom line.

  18. Love the stripey binding! It will be the perfect finish to your lovely swoon quilt!