Tuesday, August 20, 2013

City Sampler Quilt Along :: Blocks 37, 38, & 39

This week's blocks went together in no time!

Block #37 got a bit of a change-up as I had 1 charm of the focus print and then sewed my hst incorrectly and ended up with a smaller center square. So the frame is wider and I'm not really keen on the placement of the print, but it is what it is. And though my frame looks black - it is actually Kona Raisin - a very deep purple.

Obviously I used a different Tula print than in the book for this block, but I'm liking it ok.

Block #39 falls clearly on "my favorite blocks so far" list!

So there we go for this week!

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  1. These look great, #39's my favourite :o)

  2. Love 39 too! Your colors are perfect :)

  3. 39 looks awesome! It's such a strange print but this block makes really excellent use of it.

  4. 39 is definitely cool! I've never seen that print before.

  5. Your blocks are lovely and I so want to make some, it seems it will be next month now.

  6. They are looking good! That box around the meteor? Space dust? is so cool.