Thursday, October 24, 2013

The R-Word

Oh my gosh I can't tell you how I appreciated the discussion on ripples last week. If you commented early on, do check back - the comments have kept on coming, and I find them helpful, and I think you will too. There's a couple of other resources I'll leave with you in regards to machine quilting - this post by Canoe Ridge Creations, specifically on straight-line, and a weekly Thursday discussion and link up at Pretty Bobbins up on a variety of related topics.
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If you are an Aurifil/Kona Cotton user, here's a handy conversion chart. I really needed this a few weeks ago, so I'm glad to have it now as a future resource.
And for you #konacotton and #aurifil lovers download  a color conversion chart! @robertkaufman @aurifil

Here's some great paper-piecing tips over on Wombat Quilts. There's a Monday linky there, and even though paper-piecing isn't my favorite technique, I do do it on occasion (the accuracy is amazing!), so I'm always open to improving my skills there.

Katie/SwimBikeQuilt had an awesome idea, and that's a linky party for quilt backs. I'm always in a quandary what to do on the backs of my quilts, so this has been fun to see.
I enjoyed the post where Leanne/shecanquilt shared many of her quilt backs, and it inspired me to make a mosaic of some of mine. If I piece a back, it often reflects the front design or uses up fabric that I used on the front. Of course, some are more interesting than others, but it's a good exercise none the less.
1. Mango block mini, 2. Fissues - a slice and insert quilt, 3. "Crossex", 4. HST quilt washed & crinkly, 5. Modern Crosses, 6. Improv Quilt back, 7. G.O. Modern back, 8. "Pinky-Swoon" back, 9. back of hst zig-zag quilt, 10. Back of Scrappy Super Swoon, 11. Completed Swoon Quilt back, 12. Back of Shades of Grey quilt, 13. Storytime Squares back, 14. FTLOSS large project back, 15. Kaleidoscope back, 16. Back of Dream Big, 17. back of Mini-Swoon II, 18. Back of Mini Swoon, 19. Comic Strip quilt back, 20. Supernova pieced back, 21. Back of "Geese in the Park"

Hope you have a good day, random or otherwise!

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  1. Love your quilt backs! So creative. Now you have two sided quilts :).

  2. This is a ton of great info and gorgeous quilt backs (which I normally love as much or more than the front). Thanks!

  3. I LOVE that conversion chart. How handy!!

    Thanks for mentioning the quilt back linky - I didn't know about it. Have added one and will likely refer to it on many occasions when planning backs.

  4. Thanks for all the great links today, Debbie. I will definitely check back on the ripple post because I'm all for increasing my knowledge--hopefully it will still be there when I need it! It is so much fun to see the backs of your quilts.

  5. Your quilt backs are fabulous, Debbie! So much variety!

  6. It's sad to see so many people just watch the pictures without reading :-/

  7. What wonderful backs on your quilts. Nice to see them all together

  8. Lovely quilt backs, I love seeing them all together. Did you link this up to Katie's link on the backs?