Friday, August 8, 2014


Even though I'm working on a couple of larger projects, I snuck in a few small ones this week and enjoyed that little breather.
First were two pouches. The Dumpling Pouch by Michelle Patterns was a new one to me, and isn't it cute?! I did "the easier one" (yes, there are two on the pattern sheet) and I'm glad I did. Just because it's small, the turning was a little finicky. I do think I'll try a thinner batt the next time, but the technique itself was so clever, and don't be afraid of that curved zip, as it's easy peasy. The pattern suggests hand basting, though I was brave and just pinned with my littlest pins - worked like a charm.
Next was a zakka pouch from Zakka Style - a pattern I made back with The Zakka Style Sew Along. Here's the original, more like the pouch in the book, done in hexies and tweed . . .
And here's the latest, done in bright modern fabric, without the linen corners. I like it both ways, and even though you can't see the bright purple zip I put in this new one, the slight curve along the bottom is more prominent - a feature I really like. Either way, it's a great little pattern by Hey Porkchop! and it was fun to revisit.
The next little project were some Cotton+Steel luggage tags, using the tutorial by Flamingo Toes. The first one I made is on the right below, and see how it has a 'pocket' on the flip side of the vinyl? That's designed for business cards - a clever idea for sure, but since I used the vinyl I had on hand, certainly thicker than the recommended 12 gauge, the little thing was very difficult to turn. So on the next few, I left off that pocket. Options are good, don't you think?
So the two salmon ones are for me, and the two navy are for hubby - similar but different.
By the way, when I showed hubby the first holder, he was concerned about our address info coming out of the vinyl pocket. So at his suggestion, I added a teeny-tiny (1/4" by 3/4") velco fastener to the pockets of the remaining tags. You can see the stitching on the one in the photo below.
So back to the bigger projects waiting, yes indeed!

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  1. All lovely little projects! The luggage tags are especially sweet!

  2. Gorgeous pouches, adore the hedgehogs on your original and like the bright fabric too. The tags are beautiful!

  3. These are all so fun! I love making little things like this as a break from quilting. Love them all, but I'm especially drawn to the wool/hexie version.

  4. Wonderful little projects. I am a big fan of the little dumpling bags. And now I have to try the luggage tags. Thank you for the inspiration.

  5. These are so cute. I should make some luggage tags, I do travel some. Would be nice gifts too.

  6. I lve your purple pouch! So cute and perky. It's fun to get some quick finishes in between big projects.

  7. So many pretty things! I'm going to have to make that dumpling pouch, it is just adorable!

  8. Yeah for little interruptions when working on big projects :)