Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday at the Table

After posting such a full table post last week, I almost hesitate to do it again today, but last weekend held an event you foodies might like to hear about, so here goes!

Every other year, the youth group at our church puts on a dinner theater, and this year marked the 5th year I served as head cook for the Friday night meal. Planning and cooking for 120 was exhausting but very fun thanks to my terrific team of shoppers and sous-chefs. Below is our menu, with links to recipes as available.

First course - Salad & Bread 

Mixed Green Salad w/Balsamic Dressing

 Second course - Heavy Appetizers 

 Cowboy Beans

Third Course - Desserts

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes
Goldrush (Red Velvet) Cupcakes

That cheesy garlic bread was a real hit, and for the record, the hand pies were simplified with canned apple pie filling and the tortellini skewers were adapted from a salad recipe. A tip one of my crew gave me was to freeze slices of lemon and lime and add to each cup when serving punch - keeps things cold while not diluting the punch. Worked like a charm and looked nice too!

Can't say I felt like being in the kitchen the following day, but it was definitely a pleasure to cook with friends while supporting the kids.


  1. Yum! I'm glad you took a moment to get some pix -- everything looks great, and I like the idea of heavy appetizers.

  2. All looks very yummy! (Don't tell anyone I said this, but much better looking than most church dinners I have attended!)

  3. Oh keep the food posts coming Debbie!! That garlic bread looks AMAZING!

  4. so awesome! it all looks so yummy

  5. Looks delicious, and yep, I'll bet you were anxious for some take-out the next day. The recipe for the cupcakes? Any chance of getting a link to that someday? I've been craving red velvet cupcakes for some reason!


  6. I'd love to be your sous chef again someday!