Friday, June 12, 2015

A Table Tidbit

You know darn well that when we travel, it's definitely about the people and the places, but it's also about the food. That just can't be helped. And though I want to tell you about a really special restaurant visit while we were vacationing in California, today it's short and sweet about our new favorite coffee shop. Rather make that tall and iced. And yes, the fact that it is over 800 miles from our home is a definite inconvenience.

We happened upon Barefoot Coffee Roasters one warm afternoon, needing a pick-me-up and hoping to try the local brew. I almost am embarrassed to admit we went back a handful of times more before we left town a week later.

The menu needed a translation, as there were no descriptors next to the menu items, but we still discovered orange and coconut mochas, house-made caramel, and what became a favorite, the Shakerado. What was fun (and tasty) about the Shakerado, was that you never knew what you were getting, it being the barista's choice. It definitely left us guessing at the ingredient list while we sipped down the deliciousness.

So on one hand, Barefoot Coffee wasn't a major player in the big scheme of things, but on the other, we won't soon forget what fun we had around that coffee table.


  1. That looks so delicious. And I don't usually like sweetened coffee drinks.

  2. I love trying new food when I travel too and finding a great coffee store is always a highlight. This place looks like fun!

  3. I LOVE walking into a coffee place in a town I am visiting and smelling the fresh roast coffees. It's like coming home, but not. Does that makes sense?
    What a fun sounding place to discover.

  4. Food is the best reason to travel Or at least a really good one.