Wednesday, June 3, 2015

W.I.P. Times

Nothing like starting a new project two weeks before the deadline knowing full well half of that time you would not have access to your sewing machine. Yup. That's what I did. Or am doing. Whatever.

I had fabric cut and piecing started as I headed off to the SMQG sew-in last Saturday. I was using Krista Hennebury's "improv under the influence" technique again, basically cuz I loved it last time.

 Call me focused, but before long I had rows pieced and my first section up on the design wall.

I was able to complete one more section before I had to leave for home, but at least when I got there, I was able to put them both on my own design wall, and be assured I was headed in the right direction.
Two more sections, and I had a quilt top I loved.
When I was ready to start quilting later in the weekend, I got out several threads, you know, hoping they would speak to me. In the middle of a teal vs. gold debate on Instagram, mom called. Now she doesn't do this often, but she happened to see the Ig action and had to chime in. Let's just say she was pretty convinced no color was necessary. And with that, I set my quilting course. Those two grays on the left will be used for the majority of the quilting. And for a bit of a focal? That black.  

So I've begun . . . willy nilly just like in Room Temp. Déjà vu all over again.


  1. I usually need more colour, but this is really cool! I agree with your mom too!

  2. I have major quilt envy - love everything about this one!

  3. what a fab quilt top! The strips of stripey fabric are inspired!

  4. This is fabulous. Love everything about it

  5. I still think it needs teal. LOL Mom knows best.... this is gorgeous