Monday, July 27, 2015


There's no good reason, really, why this month's Bee Sewcial assignment kind of freaked me out. In a word, think "reflection," presented by Karen/capitolaquilter. A beautiful palette, a Pinterest board for inspiration, and a blog post with clarification. Honestly, when I finally set to do my blocks, they came together easily and I really enjoyed making them. Go figure.

I knew this first one was simplistic, but that's what I was after. Measuring 11"x15", I turned it every which way and liked this orientation the best.

I was actually a bit sad when this second block was done, and I may need to expand on the design another time. It measures 12"x19.5". Like the block above, the teeny-tiny bits add a nice little emphasis.

Whew. Mission accomplished and all that fretting for nothing. Watch the #BeeSewcial hashtag on Instagram for all of the bee's blocks, and there's a running list of my monthly blocks below. I've now received all my blocks for my month in June, so it's time to come up with a plan for them. Yikes!


  1. such great blocks, Debbie. I adore those little tiny pieces you added, so perfect.

  2. so creative! I love all the improve in your bee.... my beemates would flip if I put something like this out there. or maybe not...

  3. These are great, I am still a bit stumped and I think that I just need to be sewing.

  4. Beautiful blocks, but what an interesting and challenging assignment. Your bee sounds like fun.

  5. I like the bigger photo of your blocks. I liked them on IG, but I like them even more on my computer. I have no good excuses anymore about not finishing my quilt. It's next on my list, after I figure out how to fix my cabinet.

  6. Nailed it! You and I do this every month!

  7. For those of us who can copy anything but have a hard time thinking outside the box, I find Karen's instructions a big challenging by refusing to give you sample blocks. (I'm sure she's a very nice person.) I like your blocks and hope it all works out for everyone.

    1. I thought I'd share my response to Lisa for everyone's benefit:
      "She IS a very nice person. The fact is, some of the bee members prefer not having inspiration blocks! So Karen was certainly within the guidelines by not providing any. Others – like you and me – prefer them, so it’s a toss up. When we accepted the invitation to join this bee, we knew of this possibility, plus that very little concrete guidelines would be given, so at least not typical guidelines. Challenging, yes. It’s a very different kind of bee, and that was the intent of the leaders."