Friday, September 4, 2015

Make it Mean Something

One of the most anticipated and dreaded events in my month is the new assignment for Bee Sewcial, an improv bee where we create from our own inspiration based on the palette and specifications set by the queen bee for the month. In September, Hillary/entropyalwayswins [entropyalwayswins] is asking for minimalism in black and white, or in her own words, " Make a design that highlights the importance of negative space (some things are better left unsaid) and lastly make each design mean something." Mean something, eh?

After some mulling and sketching, my first block was inspired by the notion of how modern quilters are steeped so deeply in tradition, and that led to a very sparse log cabin block.

After seeing Diane/ylmommyx4's very personal 'swimmer' block, I began to think about what would define me personally. The Table came to mind, and after several considerations of how to express that, I created a single place setting.

I really enjoyed working in black and white this month, and found I also have a fondness for minimalism. Something to keep thinking about for sure. Feel free to follow Bee Sewcial on Instagram, and you are invited to sew alongside us each month by using the hashtag #inspiredbybeesewcial.
My previous Bee Sewcial blocks:
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  1. what a challenge! I would have really struggled with this one. Love your blocks. very cool

  2. Wonderful blocks, Debbie! You inspire me with your thoughtful and modern designs.

  3. Love the log cabin!! love it! imagine lots of block all with a tiny sliver of colour!!

  4. Both in my mind, are perfect blocks! Love black & white!

  5. I love that you state it is your most anticipated and dreaded assignment! So honest, at something you are so good at. Your blocks are awesome, but for me the best is the meaning behind them.

  6. Love your blocks, Debbie! Her quilt is going to be spectacular!