Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday at the Table

For you Tuesday at the Table fans, I think you'll be happy to know that I have several posts forthcoming, after our recent vacation. First up is all about the Chacewater Winery & Olive Mill we visited in Kelseyville, CA. This was one place that we had discovered in our trip planning, so we were anxious to check it out, and pleased that it more than met our expectations.
So the wine tasting was delish, and our host welcoming and informative. In fact we may have enjoyed our time together a little too much, chatting on and on, and eventually getting a little tour of the wine-making and even more unusual, the olive-pressing operation. Yes! The wine was good, and the addition of an olive mill on-site and the resultant tasting was not the run of the mill winery experience. It involved a sweet little story about olive groves being gifted to some local monks, who at some point decided they didn't want to do olives, and sold the whole thing to Chacewater.
So that was a fun table experience, hearing about and tasting a variety of Spanish and Italian olive oils, having no idea what was coming next... To top it all off, we were offered a little cup of vanilla ice cream drizzled with Blood Orange Olive Oil. Talk about tasty! Who knew?
We left sated and smiling, which is never a bad combination.

A testimonial, which also documents the process of making olive oil

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  1. What fun! There is a place in Coeur D'Alene that sells olive oil and does a similar tasting...but not the ice cream. Yum! It is the Coeur D'Alene Olive Oil Company. Not sure if they are still in business.
    I've wanted to grow some olive trees--but we are about out of yard space. If we ever cut down the maple in the front yard it will get replaced with olive trees...or fig trees. Guess I need to request some space at M&Ms for those trees. Ha Ha. We could have a real grove!
    Between the family visit, fabric shopping and wine/oil tasting sounds like you had an awesome vacation! Blessings and Love~