Monday, November 9, 2015


Well it's the last month of the year as far as Bee Sewcial is concerned, as we're taking December off. Leanne/shecanquilt asked for improv blocks with no negative space, maximalist, and all the colors. After 2 months of neutral minimalism, I think we were all pretty excited about Leanne's choice.


I did my best to channel Gwen Marston's triangles and multi-stripes, with minor success. I'll keep working on those techniques....

In the spirit of improvisation and knowing how some of my bee-mates are ruthless about using up their scraps, I sewed together all my left-over bits into a small bonus block for Leanne. Hopefully it can fit into some nook or cranny when she goes to make her quilt.

It's been a fun year with Bee Sewcial and I'm super pleased with the quilt I made from my month's blocks. I know a few changes are in store, but I'm definitely looking forward to the challenge of another round.


  1. you and your bee mates are so inspirational! great blocks.

  2. The minimalist blocks would probably have driven me a bit nutty but the maximalist blocks are right up my alley (assuming I could sew them!)

  3. These are wonderful! I love the curved lines....something I want to play around with one of these days. I can understand why you're pleased with the quilt you created this's truly a work of art.

  4. These are such great blocks, I am excited to make this quilt! Thank you.