Friday, November 27, 2015

Let It Begin

Doing things in order is a thing, the kind of thing I usually do, which is why today, with Thanksgiving behind us, the Christmas season really begins. Yeah, I've had a few red-cupped lattes, and stashed some Christmas fabric destined for gift bags, but otherwise, that's it. Yeah, it'll be a very full December.

A couple of things I always try to fit in are handmade gift bags and tags. They're a whole 'nother thing I really enjoy. The making hasn't started yet, so for now, I thought I'd repost two of my favorites, both my own tutorials.

First, the Trim-Tied Gift Bag, which is handy, with the ribbon attached. My favorite is made with a linen-blend, as show below, but the tutorial tells how to make a lined version using quilter's cotton as well.

As for tags, I make mine with quilted scraps. Born in desperation one Christmas Eve, they're fun to make, and use up those festive Christmasy bits from your other projects.

So what's your favorite Christmas make, or what's on your list to do? And though I have a collection of tried-and-true gift bag tutorials, I'm always happy to learn of more.


  1. Both the tags and the bags are so pretty. They sure do add a festive touch to the holidays.

  2. Every year I think about making fabric gift bags with the very eclectic collection of Christmas fabrics in my stash...maybe this year!

  3. Great tag idea! And the bag is adorable! Maybe if I make something festive I'll get in the holiday mood a little more!!