Friday, February 26, 2016

Culminating Images

Feast on this new batch of marvelous quilt photoshoots! I've asked a few followers if they're tired of these posts and they all said, "Keep 'em coming!" So I'm happy to do so, as I'm also enjoying the series, and 'meeting' some new quilters along the way. I try to keep the photos shared here pretty current though you'll find some older ones as well in my Photoshoots pin board. Enjoy!

Levers by Christopher/The Tattooed Quilter [the_tattooed_quilter]

Crosses and Losses by Faith/Fresh Lemons [freshlemonsquilts]

Double G Picnic by Ben/Huntspatch Quilts

Cabin Fever by Crystal/Raspberry Spool [raspberryspool]

QuiltCon Charity Challenge Quilt by South Florida Modern Quilt Guild
 Photo by Kerrilyn O'Rourke

Pretty inspiring, right? All confirmation that a creative and quality photoshoot is a perfect 'one last step' in the quilt-making process.


  1. I think I need to find a barn door for my next finished quilt, I love that second photo!

  2. awesome! I love the truck. finishing up two big quilts this weekend & thinking about where we might go to photograph them....

  3. I love this series, please keep it coming! I catch myself thinking about where I could photograph my quilts now, thanks to you!!

  4. The brick background in that first photo is such a smart choice for that style of quilt!

  5. I am constantly searching for new ways to photograph a quilt, so these are the inspiration I need!