Monday, April 25, 2016

Picture-Worthy :: One

It's been several weeks since I shared some favorite photoshoots, but that doesn't mean I haven't been collecting some great ones to show you! So many in fact, you'll get a double dose this week. Enjoy this batch, and I'll see you later in the week with more!

Black and White by Cynthia [ahhhquilting]

Cherry Blossom Bright by Amanda/A Crafty Fox [acraftyfox_amanda]

Emerging Illusion by Allison/Allison Sews [allisonsews]

Washi Tape by Cathy/Blueberry Patch [cathyeric]

Burst by Rachel/Rachel Rossi Design [designsbyrr]

Sail Away by Gwen [elletaylor7]

You'll find even more lovelies on my Photoshoots pin board . . .


  1. Thanks for sharing - always makes me smile to see these beautiful photos! Gotta get in on the action at some point - too busy right now but I'll be there soon (I HOPE!)

  2. All so different, and all so beautiful.

  3. I love these "quilts in the wild" posts of yours. Beautiful quilts too! I wish our Pacific NW weather cooperated a little more often. ;)

  4. It looks amazing! Thanks for including me! :)

  5. These are great! Thanks for sharing!