Thursday, April 28, 2016

Picture-Worthy :: Two

As promised, I'm back with more marvelous quilt photoshoots!

It's a curious thing - as I've shared these over the last few months, I've been surprised how many comments I've gotten from readers being fearful to take their quilt out 'in public' for photoshoots such as those in today's post. With the possible exception of the one taken in the Swiss alps, it seems to me these photos might have been taken in 'everyday' settings - even perhaps locations stumbled upon while the quilt-maker was out and about. I know when hubby and I go out for a photoshoot, sometimes we have a destination, but just as often we drive around looking for an interesting setting. And honestly, rarely do we spend much time in one spot. We often stroll nonchalantly to our target area, snap a few times, and off we go. Most people ignore us, and if they do pay us any mind, they are only complimentary - and maybe a little envious. So really, it's not scary at all!

So that's all said to encourage you to try it - you just might like it! And you'll have memorable photos such as these as reward. . . .

Star Wars Quilt by Holly/Holly Gets Quilty [hollygetsquilty]

Migration by Kristi/Initial K Studio [initialkstudio]

Berry Bravo by Kristin/Life in the (907)

My Way by Kris/Sew Sunshine [kmjarchow]

Take Wing by Lisa [sewwhatyoulove]

Flock of Stars by Jodi/Tales of Cloth [talesofcloth]

The Photoshoots pin board is getting more inspiring by the day!


  1. those are great! I'm with you, hubby & I love going out to find new sights to photograph

  2. I'm always scouting out photo sites when I'm driving around. Sometimes I even take a snapshot to remember the location for later. That said, I still feel a little self conscious when actually taking the photos, but like you said, most people look but don't say anything. The few that comment are complimentary. I'm anxious for better weather here and finished quilts to take new photos. Soon.

  3. Oh hey look, that's my quilt up there! Thanks for sharing it!
    I have only taken photos of my quilts on my property, but I'm looking forward to my next finish and hope that I can get my hubby to go with me to a few run-down cabins to take photos in front of. Of course those cabins are on the main drag, and I'll have to work my courage up to actually do photos in front of them...

  4. I've been scouting spots everytime I go out! Now to get of my butt and take advantage of them! Guess I should make a quilt too...I love this feature!

  5. Once again, amazing photos! I know it's silly, but even going in my front yard for pictures makes me self-conscious. I'm going to try to keep this post in mind the next time I'm outside for photos. :-)

  6. Great pictures to share, for sure! Thanks Debbie :o) I wonder if I can talk my husband into going on photoshoot outings with me...

  7. Thank you for sharing this! I love the challenge of photographing my quilts in interesting settings. My biggest issue is that my husband has to learn to hide his fingers better when holding up the quilts for me!! Yikes!!!