Monday, June 27, 2016

15 Items to Pack for Going and Sewing

Finally! I gathered supplies and packed my Maker's Tote with the basics, so it's ready to go next time a sew-in or retreat rolls along! Rather than tear my sewing space apart every time I sew away, I wanted this tote ready to grab and go. So check out what I've packed and remind me what I've missed!

1. small cutting mat - My 8" x 11" mat fits easily in this large tote.
2. rotary cutter with a fresh blade
3. rulers - An assortment of smaller favorites.
4. sewing machine needles - Just in case.

5. all purpose scissors 
6. snips - These are my favorite to have next to the machine no matter where I'm sewing.
7. spare reading glasses - Can't do much without them.
8. marking pens - I really like FriXion markers but use them mostly in places that won't show in the finished project, like seam allowances. 
9. hera marker - My most frequently-used marking tool.
10. a tool to push out corners, as in pouches - I like using one of my grandma's crochet hooks.

11. pincushion
12. pins
13. thread collector - The collapsible Gypsy Bitty Buddy is perfect for traveling.
14. notebook and pen
15. business cards - Again, just in case.

So here's what my tote looks like 'pre-packed." Still plenty of room for the the current project and any necessary thread and supplies. I'm expecting this to come in quite handy whenever it's time to go and sew!

The handmade items shown in this post include:


  1. I love having a few projects packed up and ready to go at a moments notice. I usually have a sock or two to knit and an appliqué project at the ready at all times. Your supplies look great. Love the makers tote! I've got that one on my must sew list as well.

  2. I need to pack up a kit like this! I would need to add Clover Wonder Clips, hand sewing needles and a needle threader. Love your list for reference

  3. I keep a plastic tool box full of my travel supplies. Its great not to have to repack each time I go to a sew in.
    I suggest adding a roll of blue tape. It comes in handy often.

  4. What about neutral thread? I always have a project (that I haven't touched after cutting the pieces) ready to go at a moment's notice. It's one that's just "because" and not attached to a deadline. I would also add some Wonder Clips and labels.

  5. I put in an extra empty bobbin and a small screwdriver in my sew and go kit as well.

  6. I love being organised too, but rarely, if every, go out somewhere to sew- no retreats for me! I'm wondering whether you would need a hand sewing needle as well as that neutral thread that Lisa mentioned. I always seem to need to do some hand stitching to finish off items.

  7. Wow, you're all set! The only other thing I would take is, sadly, a seam ripper. Because you never know, right? All the other suggestions are good ones. Why does it seem like we have to pack the entire quilt studio when we go sew away from home??

    I need to do something like this for myself. I have some supplies ready to go, but an extra rotary cutter and small cutting board and ruler are something I need to get for myself.

  8. I am curious about the multicolored container? that appears to be woven in a diagonal fashion... can you tell me more about it?

  9. I rarely go 'out' to sew! If I did, I think I might pack my mini iron and pressing mat too! And a lint roller, maybe a bottle of water! You have room to spare in your tote!