Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long :: Q2 Finishes Link-Up

Here we are at the end of another quarter of the 2016 Finish-A-Long! Remember, the FAL is now global, and a community of bloggers across the world are jointly hosting. Our hosts are:
It's time to link up the projects on your 2016 Q2 FAL list that you finished. First, a huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors:

While everyone is busy linking up, we will also feature a week of tutorials. Here is the schedule so you can visit them all:
The 2016 Q2 link for your finishes is now open below on my blog and on each of the hosting blogs - you only need to link on one blog for your finish to appear on each blog. Here's a refresher on the link-up "rules":
  • Add one link for each finish. If you want to link a round up post of all your finishes, use that link to enter one of your finishes and then link the rest of your finishes separately. Your link for each finish is an entry into the randomly drawn prize draws.
  • Please use the 2016 FAL button or the hashtag #2016FAL in your blog posts about FAL finishes.
  • Please ensure that the photo or blog post you link up contains a link or reference back to your original Q2 list so that we can verify your entry.
  • Please become part of the FAL community by exploring the links of others and commenting. We all need encouragement so let's applaud each other. The 2016 FAL Facebook page is here and do follow us on Instagram @finishlong and tag your photos #2016fal and #falq2yourname (substitute your Instagram ID - this makes it easier for us to match your finishes with your list).
  • Our hosts will also link their finishes to share in the community, but they are not eligible for any of the prizes.
The Q2 finishes link will stay open from now thru July 7, closing at 11PM EDT. Link up your finishes early and if you have a last minute one, add that one later so you don't miss out. The prizes will be awarded as soon as we can verify all the entries and do the drawings, and we will post the winners on each host's blog. Start making your Q3 FAL lists any time, as the Q3 list link opens on July 8!

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