Monday, March 13, 2017

Minimal Day :: Fringe

Who would have thought I would be so enamored with this year's Seattle MQG block-of-the-month which is all about needle-turn applique? Certainly not me. Truth is, once this month's assignment was published, I got right on it the first chance I got.

This month's "fringe" block had a little tighter curves than last month's "quarter opals", but definitely manageable. 

The directions for this, our second block, suggested we flip our template for one of the pieces, which I totally forgot in the moment. Oh well. I'm kind of loving it anyway.


  1. How fun to follow along with this and hear your trepidation so quickly turn into joy at working on these blocks! :)

  2. This is a great block, I really like how you paired the prints against that natural linen colored fabric.

  3. such beautiful work! who knew? love the blocks

  4. I have never tried needle turned appliqué ... I think watching you do it is much more fun!! Fringe is such a fun little block!!